Forcing Kurdish boy’ family killed by mercenaries to bury him

The Turkish occupation mercenaries in occupied Afrin forced the family of the Kurdish boy, Ahmed Mamo, who was killed yesterday, by settlers, to bury him in a hurry to limit the protests called for by the family and activists in Afrin.

Forcing Kurdish boy’ family killed by mercenaries to bury him
14 March 2024   13:12

The family of the boy Ahmed Mamo and dozens of residents of the Janders district carried out his body, after pressure from the Turkish occupation mercenaries to rush the burial, according to what eyewitnesses from the boy’s family reported.

The boy's body was buried in the district cemetery, amid an intense deployment of hundreds of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state in the district.

The murder of the Kurdish boy, Ahmed Khaled Mamo (16 years old), in the Janders district of Afrin, occupied by the Turkish occupation mercenaries, sparked popular discontent, accompanied by protests against Turkey and its mercenaries, in which dozens of those who remained in Afrin participated, whose people were displaced from it during the Turkish attack and its mercenaries in 2018.

Following the crime, the boy's family called for widespread protests in the city of Afrin, denouncing the crimes of the Turkish occupation in the region.