Fatalities over clashes between mercenaries in Girê Spi

Clashes continue in the occupied Girê Spi Canton between the Turkish occupation mercenaries, amid deaths and injuries, including civilians.

Fatalities over clashes between mercenaries in Girê Spi
4 December 2023   12:29

A local source from Girê Spi reported to ANHA agency that clashes have continued since yesterday between two groups of mercenaries from the Levant Front led by the mercenary Raed Al-Dahash and Abu Amer.

According to the source, the clashes, in which all medium and light weapons were used and developed into the use of artillery and tanks until the moment this news was prepared, resulted in 3 deaths among the mercenaries, and the injury of 4 others who were transferred to Turkish hospitals due to their critical condition.

The source pointed out that 6 civilians were injured during their displacement towards the village of Al-Jadla (2 kilometers east of the town of Ain Al-Arous).

The source indicated that the mercenary group Raed is stationed next to (the canteen) in the town of Ain Al-Arous, while the mercenary group Abu Amer is stationed in the Al-Iskan neighborhood (the southern end of the center of the occupied Girê Spi Canton).

There are conflicting reports from sources about the cause of the fighting between them, whether it was over a dispute over a drug shipment or smuggling methods.

Girê Spi Canton is now witnessing a curfew and the closure of all its markets and main streets.