Expert on terrorist groups warns of expected attacks by ISIS in European countries

The Egyptian expert on terrorist groups, Mustafa Amin, confirmed that ISIS wants to return to the spotlight and the global terrorist arena, by carrying out the Moscow attacks, but it has already proven that it is capable of recruiting more elements and expanding the geography of its operations, warning of expected attacks, especially in European countries in light of inaction by the international community.

Expert on terrorist groups warns of expected attacks by ISIS in European countries
31 March 2024   05:12

Talk about the danger of ISIS has returned to the forefront of the press and people's conversations, specifically the so-called Khorasan branch, after it launched an attack targeting the suburbs of Moscow a few days ago.

What is striking, according to observers, is that ISIS launched an attack not long before that targeting Tehran, and it also preceded it with an attack in Afghanistan, amid talk of a new strategy based on targeting many countries, including Western countries.

During the successive revelations of the circumstances of this attack, investigations revealed that one of the perpetrators of the attack, a Tajik national, was in Turkey, and this once again sheds light on the relationship of the Turkish state with ISIS and terrorist organizations in the region.

ISIS wants to return to the spotlight and the global terrorist arena

The Egyptian expert on terrorist affairs, Mustafa Amin, spoke to ANHA's agency about this by saying: “There is an important conclusion in this operation, which is that whoever carried out the operation was a group called the Organization’s Crocodile cell, as there is a strategy for ISIS based on exhausting the armies, as is happening in Syria and Iraq.” In addition to temporarily toppling cities, as happened in Libya and West Africa, in addition to crocodile cells, which are groups affiliated with ISIS that adopt its ideas and carry out operations in countries that ISIS considers to be under its banner, meaning that there are elements loyal to it in the country in which the attacks are carried out.

According to Amin: “This is what happened in Russia, where there is a group of Russian Muslims, some of them from Islamic Central Asian countries, who adopted the ideas of ISIS and decided to pledge allegiance to it and carry out a qualitative operation inside Russia. The suburbs of Moscow were chosen on the grounds that they are a soft security area and thus allow for attacks on gatherings.” "It is a big deal, as ISIS wants to return to the limelight through it."

He added: "ISIS has once again returned to the spotlight and the arena of global terrorism and has emerged to the fore again, and has begun to show its ability to recruit elements to carry out operations within the so-called Crusader states, which ISIS considers infidel states, and promotes that this operation is part of revenge against Western countries that carry out operations against... Citizens of Gaza or against Muslims in various parts of the world.”

A continuous ability to recruit elements and expand the geography of operations

Regarding the implications of this attack, Mustafa Amin believes that: “There are important indications, which are the return of ISIS again to the scene in a strong manner, and its ability to recruit new elements and groups within Western countries, in addition to expanding the geography of ISIS operations by annexing Russia, and this means entering countries another new thing is on the line.

He pointed out: "There are many conclusions, the most important of which is that there has been a security breach into the Russian security system, and this is a slap in the face of Putin. The second conclusion is that ISIS has begun to develop itself and has a greater ability to recruit and expand its influence.

Attacks are expected, especially in Europe

Regarding the expected goals of ISIS, Amin pointed out that “there will be more operations if it is able to attract broader elements and larger groups in a number of countries, especially Europe, and this will be done by lone wolves through killing, stabbing, limited explosions, and shooting at churches and synagogues.” “All of these issues are related to the extent to which ISIS is able to attract new elements who can carry out such operations.”

He warned, saying, "This attack raises a serious warning to the world, and if it does not pay attention to ISIS and re-strategize against it, it will end with more innocent victims. ISIS strikes forcefully, violently, and bloodily. Innocent people are paying the price for the international community's failure. What is required of international powers is to support local partners in the fight against terrorism. "and eliminating ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Africa. ISIS is expanding in a way that requires a comprehensive global confrontation.”

The expert on terrorist groups concluded his speech by saying: “The conditions in Africa allow for an increase in the strength of ISIS, where coups are continuing, as in Syria. The conditions are still deteriorating politically and economically, and this allows ISIS to survive and grow. In Afghanistan, there are still battles and conflict. Instability is spreading in the world and this "ISIS will be allowed to return again if there is no real international role to confront ISIS."

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