Exceptional emergency rooms save life of young Rula Haroun

In the exceptional emergency room equipped with one dialysis machine, life returned to Rola's body again after her weekly session was delayed over bombing of the Turkish occupation army.

Exceptional emergency rooms save life of young Rula Haroun
29 December 2023   17:17

The dialysis center, which opened in 2021 in the Alaya neighborhood in the city of Qamishlo, went out of service as a result of the Turkish attacks on the city on December 25. It was equipped with 6 dialysis machines and a medical staff consisting of 24 staff, and provides services to 70 patients.

After the center went out of service, one of the dialysis patients, Abdul Rahman Khadr, died on December 27. He had been undergoing three dialysis sessions at the center for two years. The rest of the patients are in a deplorable condition. There are 10 patients who urgently need three sessions on a weekly basis. To prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, the management of the dialysis center opened an emergency room equipped with one bed to provide services to kidney patients.

Rula Haroun is a patient. She has been receiving treatment for a year at the dialysis center. She needs three sessions every week, each session lasting approximately 4 hours. She says: “If we do not undergo the sessions, fluids will collect in our bodies, and we will be exposed to clot attacks.”

She noted: "We were subjected to brutal bombing, and we are the most affected among the centers that were damaged. Rula pointed to the dialysis machine: “This machine is the only way for us to survive.”

Rula confirmed: “ Most of the patients suffered health crises during the days they did not receive good treatment due to the bombing.”

Rula said: “If a kidney patient does not undergo his treatment sessions, he will be at risk of a heart attack. I was very tired when my treatment sessions were delayed. My psychological situation was more difficult than my health situation, and I have questions: Where will I have my sessions? Will I go to Derik Or to Hasaka?

The patient may suffer a heart attack, or be unable to breathe as a result of the lungs filling with water. Therefore, he needs dialysis sessions periodically.

Rula Haroun directed her message to the world: “There must be a clear international condemnation of the brutal bombing after the damage to the center where we were receiving treatment.”

 The administrator at the dialysis center, Rafi Abbas, confirmed that the health of the 70 patients had deteriorated. He said: “We opened this room as an exceptional emergency case.”

 Abbas noted: “This patient has 3 sessions during the week, each session lasting approximately 4 hours.” Due to the Turkish bombing and the kidney center being out of service, the duration of its weekly sessions decreased from 4 hours to only two hours, and from three sessions to only one session per week.

Abbas stressed that 3 sessions are not enough for a dialysis patient. He explained: “After targeting the center, the patients’ situation worsened greatly,” and pointed out that: “The Turkish bombing caused severe damage to the center.” Abbas explained: "If the center stops serving, patients will be at risk of death."

The administrator at the dialysis center, Rafi Abbas called on the World Health Organization to do its duty and provide support to the kidney center."