Equality-Peoples’ Democracy Party, compass for a bright tomorrow - Hevidar Khaled

Equality-Peoples’ Democracy Party, compass for a bright tomorrow - Hevidar Khaled
25 February 2024   05:30

After the Equality and Peoples' Democracy Party announced the start of its electoral campaign in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey, in preparation for the municipal elections scheduled to be held on the 31st of next March, it began the first steps of its electoral campaign by organizing the ranks of the people and the masses, and then announcing the list of its candidates for the joint presidency in all... The Kurdish cities, amid intense and noticeable activity from all age groups in Kurdish society, and women had their own role and character, as in previous times, which was clearly evident in the activities organized by the party in the centers and squares designated for the election campaign.


As you watch the decrees, events, activities and meetings, in addition to the dialogue and public seminars that are held and organized in order to achieve the democratic process in Kurdistan and Turkey, especially those led by women; The youthful energies expressed themselves and their role in a prominent and effective manner this time, with warm applause, beautiful ululations, and loud signs of victory, which dazzled everyone, in a scene that inspires optimism, as if you are breathing the air of freedom, and your soul touches the breezes of spring from all directions, sending with them messages with the scent of promising spring. A more beautiful tomorrow, in which all ambitions and achieved goals will grow and grow.

The mood of the Kurdish street led by women is completely different this year, compared to previous years in terms of widespread participation, large and continuous interaction, and a unique degree of enthusiasm, seeking to create the ground for a new era and a new stage in life for everyone in order to prepare and prepare for a better and more beautiful coming.

The popular position, the mass mobilization, and the mobilization around the political struggle of the Equality and Peoples’ Democracy Party and the support of the party’s candidates indicate a hoped-for positive change in the results of those elections, after all participants set great goals in mind, represented by recovering all the municipalities that were stolen from them in the past years, and were handed over to the agents who they defeated and ended the day in the face of the people's resistance.

Since the start of the election campaign, we have noticed how all age groups have been present in the squares with a high concentration, their hearts beating together for freedom, and that party officials have visited all Kurdish cities, towns and villages amidst warm welcomes and massive receptions from the people that overshadowed the crowded and majestic scene, which shows the extent of their insistence on redemption from the injustice and tyranny they are subjected to at the hands of Turanian fascism, especially women, as they are the group most exposed to the violations committed against them by the fascist Turkish regime.

Women in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey suffer from great difficulties from all aspects of life, and they are the ones who pay a heavy price most of the time as a result of the policies of the fascist authority represented by the Justice and Development Party and its agents behind the scenes. Therefore, women are required not to retreat from their struggle in the face of the machine of oppression that surrounds them. All parties continue to struggle and struggle, to innovate more and more, and to return everything to its place in their cities, towns and villages, because they are the only ones capable of restoring their rightful rights.

After the authority took control of the Kurdish municipalities, it closed all Kurdish women’s organizations and institutions in Kurdistan, and arrested dozens of women working in these organizations. It also targeted the co-chairmanship system to limit the role of women in society, implement special war policies through society’s addiction to pro-stitution and narcotic substances, and open the way. In light of the spread of acts and crimes that violate morals and public morals, such as harassment, cases of sexual assault, damage to the societal economy, the spread of poverty and destitution, and exploitation of the needy.

The intimidation campaigns led by the guardians against society have become more dangerous today, as they deliberately suppressed women and targeted cultural centers and institutions, but this did not discourage the determination of the struggling women in the slightest. Today, hundreds of them are in the squares leading the electoral campaign, with strength, will and determination, to move towards the path of freedom and achieve their rightful goals, which has confused the fascist forces and pushed them to attack everything they do.

But hope is placed on the Equality and Peoples' Democracy Party, as it is the structural force and the only opposition party that seeks to consolidate politics that is in line with the principles and interests of the people. It is considered the decisive force in various areas of life, and has sufficient ability to start anew and work to disrupt policies and practices that are hostile to the foundations and principles of life. democracy; Because the Equality and Peoples' Democracy Party includes among its ranks dozens of democratic organizations that believe in just solutions and paths, and the will and joint management of the different peoples in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey, and believes in the philosophy of coexistence and fraternity among indigenous peoples who have coexisted for thousands of years on this land.

Yes, the Equality and Peoples' Democracy Party, with its large popularity, can end the era of fascism, racism, and the denial of the different non-Turkish other in the country and eradication the policies of denial and erasure and the destructive war mentality, and putting the dots on the letters again, and all of that goes through voting and casting their votes, for the sake of themselves and their society in order to limit the influence of those with the mentality that targets the co-chairmanship model, and to deal a fatal blow to everyone who cooperated with the enemy, prevented speaking in the Kurdish language, and everyone who encouraged to appoint agents and their junior partners in the municipalities that the Kurdish people obtained through their democratic will, which includes all age groups. The party's policy and its current, renewed path is the radical, absolute, effective and constructive solution to all the issues and problems of this ancient geography.

T/ Satt.