Egyptian writer: Erdogan is hypocrite about Gaza aggression 

An Egyptian writer called on the League of Arab States and the Damascus government to prepare a record of Turkish crimes in North and East Syria and to formally and clearly demand that Turkey leave Syrian territory and end its occupation. He stressed that it is committing crimes at a time when it practices political hypocrisy, promotion, and exploitation of Arab and Islamic feelings regarding the situation in Gaza.

Egyptian writer: Erdogan is hypocrite about Gaza aggression 
2 January 2024   06:01

With the escalation of the Turkish occupation state's attacks on the North and East Syria, and its systematic bombing of infrastructure, the false mask falls off the Turkish president, who has not stopped criticizing Israel in the war between Israel and Hamas for nearly three months.

According to observers, the Turkish attacks on North and East Syria revealed the hypocrisy of the Erdogan regime, which trades in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian issue in general.

In this context, the Egyptian writer and political analyst, Ibrahim Shaaban, saw that “comparing Turkish policy and its position towards what is happening in Gaza and the policies it is following in northern Syria, we find that there is blatant duplicity and clear hypocrisy on the part of the Turkish decision-maker.”

He told our agency: "In North and East Syria, Turkey is committing massive crimes in the absence of an Arab or international position, which reveals the policy of interests that govern international politics at the present time."

The Egyptian writer criticized "the international and Arab silence over the crimes committed by Turkey throughout these years," and pointed out that "from 2011 until today, the Turkish regime led by Erdogan has committed war crimes in which thousands have been killed without international powers moving to stop these crimes and hold their perpetrators accountable."

Shaaban pointed out, "Turkey has a security problem in the south of the country, and it does not make sense for it to carry this problem to northeastern Syria and northern Iraq and violate the sovereignty of the two countries and occupy their lands. One country cannot build its security at the expense of other countries."

According to the Egyptian writer, “The Turkish position regarding Gaza carries a lot of promotion and exploitation of Arab and Islamic feelings, especially in light of the strong relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv, Turkey’s real policies, and its well-known relations with the Israeli entity.”

He stressed that "the time has come to hold Turkey accountable for its crimes in northeastern Syria, and silence over these crimes cannot continue," calling on the Arab League and Damascus to prepare a record of Turkish crimes and to formally and clearly demand that Ankara leave Syrian territory and "end its occupation."

Shaaban considered that "the Turkish presence in Syria was one of the most important reasons for the emergence of terrorism and extremist organizations in Syria, and there is much evidence of strong relations between the Turkish regime and terrorist organizations such as ISIS/ Daesh and the Jabhet al-Nusra."

Shaaban described the Turkish occupation policy as "practicing political hypocrisy and its positions cannot be believed. At a time when it attacks Israel regarding Gaza, we see it committing crimes in northeastern Syria without finding Arab or international action against these Turkish crimes."

Fluctuations and failure

Regarding the recent Turkish occupation bombing of northern and eastern Syria, Ibrahim Shaaban said, “The Turkish decision-maker was dizzy, bankrupt, and confused. At a time when Turkish soldiers fell to him during an attack on two of his bases as a result of his continuous bombing and aggression, he responded by striking North and East Syria.”

Shaaban noted the need to consider the casualty figures as a result of the Turkish raids on North and East Syria and Iraq. It was declared globally as a blatant aggression for which Ankara must be held accountable and withdraw its forces from the two countries.

The political analyst pointed out "the barbarity of the recent Turkish bombing, which claimed the lives of many civilians in addition to its bombing of oil and service facilities in a blatant deliberate attempt to destroy the capabilities of the people and the Autonomous Administration under false claims," ruling out that it would "achieve any of its goals by continuing the aggression on Syrian territory, and the evidence is its presence." "militarily in this region since 2016 without achieving significant results."

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