Deir-ez-Zor clans confirm that Turkey commits horrible crimes against Syrians

The spokesman for the Albukamal Tribal Council in Deir ez-Zor confirmed that the crimes against Syrian refugees in Turkey and the crimes of the occupation in the areas it controls in Syria are a continuation of the policy of extermination against the Syrian people. He called on the Syrian people to unite to confront the occupation.

Deir-ez-Zor clans confirm that Turkey commits horrible crimes against Syrians
10 July 2024   04:10

The recent wave of attacks by Turkish racists, including beatings and stabbings, and the killing of a number of Syrian refugees in Turkey, coupled with the authorities' failure to halt the ongoing wave of racism against Syrians since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, has led to popular discontent among Syrians.

The regions under Turkish occupation witnessed protests against the policies of the occupying forces, which were met with live bullets resulting in the death of seven individuals; six in Afrin and one in Jarabulus. Recently, Turkish extremists killed refugee child Hamoud Hamdan al-Nayef from Dahla town in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor. His body was brought to North and East Syria on July 5.

Salah al-Salman, the spokesperson for the Albukamal Tribal Council in Deir ez-Zor, stated that what Turkey and the occupied Syrian territories are witnessing is a stark display of Turkish authorities' racism. He highlighted: The Turkish authorities' animosity towards Syria and its people fuels these murderous acts, leading to displacement, chaos, and looting of Syrian assets.

Al-Salman emphasized, this is a continuation of Turkish terrorism against the Syrian people, characterized by occupation, devastation, and altering the demographics of the Syrian regions.

Al-Salman stated, the attack on Syrian refugees and the lack of action by Turkish authorities to prevent it go against humanitarian standards and human dignity. It is a deliberate strategy that aligns with Turkey's specific political vision, planned in advance, with the aim of advancing a political agenda in Turkey's interest and reflecting its ambitions to occupy more Syrian lands and eradicate the Syrian people.

Al-Salman criticized the silence of international human rights organizations, particularly the United Nations, and the involvement of global powers in the Syrian crisis, holding them accountable. He condemned the Turkish occupation state's attacks on Syrian territory and the targeting of Syrian refugees as crimes against humanity, urging for the Turkish authorities to be held responsible.

Al-Salman urged all sects of the Syrian people to unite, collaborate, and resist the Turkish occupation army. He also called for coordination with international organizations, the global community, and the Security Council to prevent the extermination of the Syrian people by the Turkish occupation.