Dara 'a is back in front again. Is there any transformation or change? - Hevidar Khalid

Dara 'a is back in front again. Is there any transformation or change? - Hevidar Khalid
24 March 2024   05:01

The southern Syrian city of Dara 'a has been experiencing a wave of massive public protests for days calling for the departure of Bashar al-Assad. Although this province has been counted for years within the areas under the control of the Government of Damascus, Having undergone so-called Russian-led settlements in the country since 2018 in service of its own agendas and to expand the Government's sphere of influence and restore its prestige lost as the crisis began in the country, Since then, successive crises have been maintained, from insecurity and widespread killings, kidnappings and thefts, as well as the arms chaos imposed by the years of the ongoing war.

Dara 'a did not calm down as a result of these settlements and has never seen any stability. On the contrary, incursions and raids by Damascus government forces against civilians, their property and homes have increased. It also witnessed the implementation of a series of incidents, crimes and assassinations of military personnel from both sides, namely the Government of Damascus and the so-called opposition, as well as civilians, activists and media. Many held the Fifth Corps, the Head of Government, responsible for such criminal practices and acts, noting that as long as it served to create discord among the components of the Syrian south. It is the one behind the proliferation of the drug and arms trade.

The Damascus Government, after taking control of the city and attempting to tighten its security grip on its locals entirely, sowed fear, terror and intimidation in the area. However, this has not been an obstacle for the people to take part in massive demonstrations and vigils calling for the departure of the symbols of authority from their city, for an end to all its plans and ticks, for the release of detainees and for the suspension of so-called security campaigns; Because the security services are fundamentally disjointed and unable to control themselves to set things there, if you will.

Activists and media from the governorate reported to international media that there had been no exit from Dara 'a, any news or even image of the people in it, as a result of the systematic media blackout of what was taking place there by Damascus Government affiliates, and that there had been no "reconstruction" projects other than those implemented by United Nations development programmes.

Yes, the institutions of the Damascus Government did not provide basic services to the residents of Dara 'a or build infrastructure and reconstruction, even at the level of blind and oblivious security; The current Government considers itself uninterested in anything of this nature, as well as the lack of the means to provide services to "settlements" areas of water, roads and electricity. It also revealed once again to all that the so-called settlements, which are a privileged Russian supervision, did not bring a real solution to the suffering of Syrians.

Yes, Dara 'a has returned to the front of events again, 13 years after the start of the popular movement against government policies, Especially in the south, where repression has been practised in all its forms, so the people in Dara 'a insist that Dara' a inflict Sweida province in the current demonstrations and protests until a concrete mechanism is reached to achieve its objectives and find a radical solution to the Syrian dilemma. Delivering satisfactory results for the Syrian people, taking a new path towards uniting and consolidating the ranks and fighting for a solution through a Syrian-Syrian dialogue, Without this, the people will not be able to achieve their goals for which they have come out and advocated and made great sacrifices for transformation, change and transition to a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized Syria. approach in North and East Syria, which consists of AANES' model is the only way to end the crisis over thirteen years ago.

T/ Satt.