Aleppo students recall children of Amuda massacre

Students in Aleppo and their educational staff remembered the martyrs of the Amuda Cinema fire massacre on its 63rd anniversary.

 Aleppo students recall children of Amuda massacre
 Aleppo students recall children of Amuda massacre
12 November 2023   11:26

Tomorrow, the 13th of November marks the anniversary of the Amuda Cinema fire massacre, which claimed the lives of 283 children from the city of Amuda, Qamishlo.

Students in the Sheikh Maqsoud and Achrafieh neighborhoods, along with members of the Democratic Society Training and Education Committee, remembered the victims of the massacre during a gathering at the Martyr Judy Amanos School, located in the Achrafieh neighborhood.

During the gathering, a statement was read by student Sevin Ibrahim in the presence of dozens of students and teachers.

The statement began by mentioning the events that took place on the 13th of November 1960, which led to hundreds of Kurdish children losing their lives as a result of the arson attack.

The statement also considered that this massacre was added to the series of massacres committed against the Kurdish people by "successive chauvinist regimes that occupy Kurdistan."

The statement pointed out in the end that they will maintain the covenant in renewing demands to uncover the perpetrators and hold them accountable.