33 political parties refute Turkey’s claims regarding elections in NE Syria

Political parties indicated that there is no clause or intention in the Autonomous Administration project to secede from Syria, and that holding municipal elections is a democratic procedure that does not diminish Syrian sovereignty and does not threaten neighboring countries.

33 political parties refute Turkey’s claims regarding elections in NE Syria
30 May 2024   11:57

Political parties and powers,  and organizations in the NE Syria issued a written statement to public opinion, regarding the holding of municipal elections and the Turkish threats, which read:  

Since its founding, Syria has suffered from frequent Turkish threats, under various pretexts, and the Turkish regime’s primary goal is to occupy areas of Syria or subject Syria to its policy, but these threats have always collided with the steadfastness of the Syrian people, with all its sects and components.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkey has increased the pace of its threats and interference in Syrian affairs, until it reached the point of occupying many areas of northern Syria, despite the fact that the Syrian side, especially the Autonomous Administration, did not pose any threat to Turkish lands.

The Turkish regime continues to threaten the region with intervention and occupation, claiming that the Autonomous Administration project is a separatist project, despite the fact that in the program of any of the parties participating in establishing the administration, there is no clause calling for separation. Rather, all of them call for protecting Syrian unity and preventing violating its sovereignty.

It calls for resolving the Syrian crisis through internal Syrian dialogue, but this is not to the liking of the Turkish regime.

This time, under the pretext of the municipal elections scheduled to be held on June 11th. Baxchali and the Turkish National Council began threatening to attack Syrian sovereignty again and occupy Syrian lands.

We, in the political parties and forces that signed this statement, confirm once again that there is no clause or intention to secede from Syria in the Autonomous-administration project that we established, but rather we always call for preserving and defending its unity.

Holding municipal elections does not diminish Syrian sovereignty and does not threaten neighboring countries. Rather, it is a democratic procedure, in order for the components of NE Syria to elect those who will provide services to citizens, after more than thirteen years of war, as there must be a democratic mechanism for officials to assume their duties

We also call on Turkey to view this democratic experience in a positive way.

Its threats do not bring stability to the region, and we reject interference in our internal affairs. We affirm our right to do what we deem appropriate, in order to serve our people, without harming others.

We also affirm that we will defend our democratic experience by all means.

We call on the United Nations and the international coalition forces to work to restrain Turkey from aggression against us.

We call on our citizens to rally around the democratic experience and defend it by all means.

Parties that signed the statement:

1- Democratic Union Party.

2- The Green Democratic Party-.

3 - Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party

4- Kurdistan Liberal Union

5- Kurdistan Communist Party.

6 - Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria

7 - The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party.

8 - The Kurdish Left Party in Syria.

9 - The Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria.

10 - Future Syria Party.

11 - Kurdistan Democratic Change Party.

12 - Kurdistan Renewal Movement.

13- Kurdistan Workers’ Union.

14 - The Arab National Authority.

15 - Modernity and Democracy Party of Syria.

16 - The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Al-Wefaq Party.

17 - Reform Movement - Syria.

18 - Assyrian Democratic Party.

19- Kurdistan Fraternity Party.

20- Roj Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria

21- Democratic Society Movement.

22 - Kongra Star.

23 - Conservative Party.

24 - Democratic Struggle Party.

25 - Kurdistan Future Movement.

26 - Kurdistan Democratic Party - West Kurdistan.

27- National Coordination Body - Movement for Democratic Change

28- Syriac Union Party.

29- The Kurdistan National Rally Party

30- The Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (Party)

31- Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti).

32- The Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria.

33- Suraya Party