3 ISIS mercenaries arrested in Iraq

The Iraqi authorities announced the arrest of 3 ISIS mercenaries and the destruction of 7 of their hideouts and tunnels in various areas.

3 ISIS mercenaries arrested in Iraq
29 February 2024   14:44

The Counter-Terrorism Service in Iraq said in a statement that “three terrorists were arrested in separate areas and seven hideouts (hideouts and tunnels) of ISIS terrorist gangs were destroyed.”

And added, "The arrest operations took place after our units began arresting an ISIS administrator in Kirkuk Governorate. In a separate operation, we also managed to arrest a Gunman in ISIS gangs in Anbar Governorate."

And stressed that "as part of our operations to track down terrorism, our heroes were able to arrest the commander of a military detachment (formerly) in what was called the Fallujah Province in the capital, Baghdad," pointing out that "within the framework of our duties to inspect hideouts, we were able to destroy and sabotage 7 hideouts and tunnels in Nineveh Governorate."