​​​​​​​5 members of Damascus forces killed in Hama desert

An attack carried out by ISIS mercenaries in the desert of Hama resulted in the killing and wounding of 9 members of the Damascus forces.

​​​​​​​5 members of Damascus forces killed in Hama desert
1 August 2023   06:39

ISIS mercenaries attacked a military convoy belonging to the Damascus government forces, after midnight yesterday, including tanks loaded with oil, on the Raqqa - Salamiya road in the eastern countryside of Hama.

As a result, 5 members of the Damascus government forces were killed and 4 others were wounded, in addition to the burning of a number of tanks.

Sham FM, which is close to the Damascus government, reported that the Damascus forces clashed with an armed group believed to be affiliated with ISIS while trying to attack the Homs-Raqqa highway near Al-Mujbal area in the Salamiya countryside".