Libyan MP: GNA is illegal and brought Turkish occupation to loot oil

Reportaj Summay

Libyan MP: GNA is illegal and brought Turkish occupation to loot oil
24 July 2020   03:57

Libyan Parliament Member Abu Bakr Al-Ghazali said that the Government of National Accord is illegal because it brought the Turkish occupation and mercenaries to control energy resources and threaten Arab countries, most notably Egypt.

The regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues his blatant interference in the Libyan issue, as Turkey links any ceasefire with the withdrawal of the Libyan National Army from Sirte and Jafra.

Turkey continues to send terrorists and mercenaries to support armed militias in Libya under the pretext of supporting legitimacy there. To comment on that, our agency interviewed with a member of the Libyan Parliament on the city of Sirte Abu Bakr al-Ghazali.

The text of the interview came as follows:

* Where does GNA derive its legitimacy from after its term ended?

Indeed, the Government of National Accord that was born with an illegitimate contract. Rather, it was born with a forged contract under the imposition of the fait accompli, meaning that it is a government of political prostitution and it is correct to call it many terms that give it the true characteristic that best suits the description of its actions and its actors. Those described as immorality.

* What are the errors of GNA against the Libyan people?

The GNA is a government that is hostage to militias and gangs, brought colonialism and mercenaries, and stabbed the homeland in the heart, and stabbed the Arab nation in the back.

In brief, it is an illegitimate government which marriage contract nor children are legal, this produced Janissaries it clang to and threw its obscene body in the bosom of Topkapi, the house of prostitution and homosexuality, to appear before us and in front of every honorable Arab with insolence, ugliness, immorality, and debauchery, to declare its war deriving power from children of the Topkapi brothel over the descendants of Omar al-Mukhtar and the children of the Arab land.

* Where does Erdogan's confidence in his right to interfere in Libyan internal affairs come from?

The illegitimate GNA intermarried with the fool of the Ottoman glories, Erdogan, to re-expand it at the expense of Arabism, as it mobilizes mercenaries from all nationalities as well as its militias, where their guns are pointed at power resources while their eyes are set on Egypt, but they will not succeed.

* What is your comment on the Egyptian parliament’s session by giving legitimacy to the Egyptian armed forces to send forces outside the country's borders?

The session of the Egyptian Arab Parliament is a historic one in which the pulse of nationalism and Arabism is renewed in the beating heart of Arabism. Egypt is the land of Arabism. The President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and its legitimate institution represented in the Egyptian Parliament, where it voted unanimously on the President's mandate to intervene militarily Arab-Egyptian to support Libya and its armed forces against the external aggression represented by the Turkish presence threatening national security for both our countries, Libya and Egypt..