Asaad: AA serious about dialogue with Syrian government

Reportaj Summay

Asaad: AA serious about dialogue with Syrian government
18 May 2020   23:39

Member of the organizational bureau of Future Syria Party (FSP), Al-Jazeera branch explained that the Autonomous Administration (AA) took a serious initiative to make the dialogue with the Syrian government a success. "The regime is arguing, and it has not officially shown its readiness for this dialogue because there are external agendas such as Iran and Russia that control its decisions," he said 

The Turkish occupation army, along with its mercenaries, continues to occupy areas in northeast Syria under false pretexts and arguments, in addition to the inhuman violations against civilians, which as a whole amount to war crimes, as well as the policy of abandonment and demographic change in the occupied areas in Afrin, Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain and Girê Spî / Tel Abyad.

The Syrian crisis has entered its tenth year, without indications of a solution, as the Syrian state remains silent in the face of all the violations that are taking place in the region. Intellectuals and politicians believe that the solution to this crisis lies in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

Despite all the calls for dialogue of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria to the Syrian state, which include the necessity of resolving the crisis away from external interference and interests, especially in the face of the efforts of the dominant forces in the region, which are trying to implement their agendas at the expense of the blood of the Syrian people, the Syrian government  refuses to talk and keeps silent.

In this regard, Hawar news agency interviewed member of the organizational bureau of the Al-Jazeera branch of the Future Syria Party, Ahmed Asaad, in which he touched on the importance of the dialogue between the Syrian state and the administration, and what this dialogue will achieve if it takes place.

The text of the dialogue is as follows:

Why there has not  been fruitful dialogue between the administration and the Syrian government until now?

There were serious initiatives of the dialogue by the administration with the Syrian regime, but there were also many pitfalls. Two years ago, the regime invoked false pretenses, and it was not formally and seriously prepared for this dialogue, which is necessary at the present time.

What hinders the Syrian state-Autonomous Administration dialogue?

Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, dialogue outside Syria has not succeeded, whether with external meetings and conferences or other dialogues that have become routine.

The Syrian regime does not have the authority to decide because there are foreign agendas that control its decisions, in addition to the Chauvinist view, which it could not get rid of.  

People play a big role in adopting decisions. In your opinion, what is required of them in order to hold a dialogue between the two parties?

People play a big role in this issue, as serious marches took place by the people demanding the Syrian regime dialogue with the Autonomous Administration. Until now there has been no dialogue between the two parties, and the meetings that took place were attended by reactionary and chauvinistic forces by the Syrian regime, which imposed its decisions on the Autonomous Administration.

We, the Future Syria Party, have hold this responsibility. We are constantly working for the success of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, whether with the Syrian regime or with the interior Syrian opposition in Syria. The Future Syria Party is a popular party that includes all components of Syria.

If the dialogue between the Syrian state and the administration is held, what will be the future of Syria?

If a dialogue between the Syrian regime and the administration is held, the Turkish state and its occupations will be brought to an end, and the two forces; the SDF and the Syrian regime's army will coordinate to deter the Turkish attacks and its colonial ambitions.

What is the message of the Future Syria Party for the Syrian State?

Our message is clear, which is to negotiate, and to return to beyond 2011 is almost impossible, and we are ready to lead the negotiations. We in the Future Syria Party represent the Syrian people in all its categories.

I say to all the Syrian people that we believe in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and without dialogue there will be no solution to the crisis at all, dialogue is closer, and we will be able to put solutions away from external agendas.