Turkey continues in its inhumane practices by deporting Syrian refugees

On Thursday morning, the Turkish state forcibly deported Syrians from Turkey to Syrian territory, coinciding with a report on Turkish violations against Syrian citizens revealed by Human Rights Watch.

Turkey continues in its inhumane practices by deporting Syrian refugees
28 March 2024   16:28

Human Rights Watch published this morning: A detailed report entitled (Syrians face miserable conditions in a “safe zone” occupied by Turkey), about the great pressures of the Turkish state on Syrian citizens and their forced deportation to the Girê Spi/Tal Abyad region, which is occupied by Turkey, in harsh and inhumane living conditions.

The publication of the report coincided with a new forced deportation of Syrian citizens from Turkish territory, as 135 citizens, including women and children, were deported this morning, to the occupied Girê Spi/Tal Abyad area from the border crossing, according to local sources in Girê Spi.

According to statistics revealed by the organization, the Turkish authorities forcibly deported 57,519 Syrians and others between January and December 2023, including 16,652 through the Tal Abyad crossing.

The report noted that “Turkey said that it aims to transform the areas of northern Syria under its control, including Tal Abyad, into “safe areas,” but in reality these areas are rife with human rights violations. The Turkish incursion into the 150-kilometre-long strip between the two governorates led Raqqa and al-Hasakah displaced hundreds of thousands and forced them to flee their homes.

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