Kalkan: Free life can only be achieved through Self-Defense

Duran Kalkan, the member of the Executive Committee of PKK stressed the need to make self-defense for freedom and organization of society.

Kalkan: Free life can only be achieved through Self-Defense
19 May 2024   15:59

Member of the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, Duran Kalkan, stressed to ANF News Agency the necessity of Self-Defense for freedom and organization of society.

Duran Kalkan’s assessments stated: “Self-defense for the Kurdish people today is more important than anything else, even more than bread and water, because the mentality and policy of extermination always seeks to eliminate the Kurds, and this is why the leader Abdullah Ocalan confirmed when he said: “Societies "The one that cannot defend itself will be defeated."

Kalkan continued: “When we look at history, we see that many societies that were unable to defend themselves were eliminated from history. The mentality of the extermination regime towards the Kurds that was established in the first quarter of the twentieth century aimed primarily to destroy the awareness of self-defense and organization.” Kurdish society, under the 100-year genocide attack, the self-defense awareness, organization and work in Kurdish society were largely destroyed, and on this basis, we know that the Kurds reached the brink of non-existence in the mid-1970s, but the emergence of the leader and the struggle of the PKK are attempts to create a free existence, and after 50 years of struggle, the genocidal attacks have been defeated.”

Kurdish society must understand and embrace the reality of the leader and the Guerrilla forces.”

He also added in the same context: The forces of extermination are carrying out various types of attacks based on an international conspiracy to achieve their goals. Of course, first and foremost, their goal is the complete destruction of the awareness and organization of self-defense among the Kurds, for this reason, the forces of extermination initially target the leader and the Guerilla and seek to eliminate them. This is why the reality and existence of the leader Apo and the Guerilla represent the national existence of the Kurdish society.

He explained, "Nation-states aim to destroy society and the individuality of the ruler. Therefore they have become the greatest security threat to societies, in Kurdistan, the Kurdish society faces genocide. In other words, the states and their institutions that dominate Kurdistan basically want to destroy Kurdish society mainly in the form of cultural genocide, which includes all methods of extermination from physical massacres, forced migration and demographic change in Kurdistan, a large-scale genocidal attack is being carried out against the Kurdish community, so how will the Kurdish community protect itself?

 First: It is necessary to know that it is being subjected to genocide, meaning that it is facing a security risk. Second: Knowing that it is the state and its institutions that want to eliminate it.

Third: Realizing that it alone is capable of ensuring its security and feeling responsible on this basis, and the last point: ensuring awareness of self-defense, training and organizing on the foundations of self-defense.

Kalkan noted, "The Kurds are not alone. Rather, no individual, people, or society in this world can live freely without defending itself. Self-defense means "security." Security is one of the three basic conditions for existence, along with food and production.

He explained: “When we look at history, we see that the life of all tribes, and people is based on self-defense. Tribal life between the Kurds and the Turkmen is entirely based on self-defense. Therefore they are free. What does this mean, or how does it happen? It is clear that every person, man or woman, who carries a gun receives self-defense training, learns how to use a gun in order to defense himselfe.

Kalkan stressed, "It is necessary to fight wrong understandings and attitudes. There is no doubt that the revolutionary forces must lead this struggle first, and it must be led by our party, so the building of our democratic nation must be entirely on this basis.

He called for strengthening the struggle to achieve a free life through self-defense, saying: “The people, especially the youth and women, must be educated, organized and urged to struggle on this basis. So everyone who calls himself a patriot and libertarian must know that he has such a duty, and believe that a free life can only be achieved through self-defense.