Internet cut by Turkish occupation in Syrian areas enters 7th day

The Turkish occupation continues to cut off the internet in the Syrian areas it controls, attempting to conceal its crimes against protesters opposing its policies.

Internet cut by Turkish occupation in Syrian areas enters 7th day
7 July 2024   10:53

For the seventh consecutive day, the Turkish occupation has maintained an internet blackout in the northern and eastern countryside of Aleppo, fearing the spread of protests that erupted in these areas last week and the dissemination of news about the crimes committed against protesters, including kidnappings, beatings, and violations. The border crossings between Turkey and Syria remain closed.

This action is part of the Turkish occupation's efforts to silence dissent and prevent communication among Syrians about the kidnappings carried out by Turkish forces and their mercenaries against protesters who oppose the rapprochement between Ankara and Damascus and the deportation of Syrian refugees from Turkey.

These practices have led to widespread anger and discontent in the occupied regions.

Protests erupted against the Turkish occupation's attempts to align with Damascus in several cities in northern and western Syria.

These protests were met with a violent response from the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries, resulting in the deaths of seven civilians and dozens of injuries.

On Saturday, the Turkish occupation kidnapped 17 citizens in the occupied areas, subjected them to severe torture, and then forced them to appear in filmed segments broadcast on Turkish state television.