Hawar news agency plan11-28-2023

Hawar news agency plan11-28-2023
28 November 2023   02:00

Falsely and slanderously, for nearly 4 decades, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party has been included on the “terrorist lists.” This accusation that has been attached to it still haunts it. The Kurds and their friends are seeking to remove the “terrorist” status from the party, as it has collected 7 million signatures around the world in this regard. What is interesting is that Turkey is exploiting, blackmailing, and putting pressure to disrupt any issue that erases the label of “terrorism” from the PKK (photos attached).

As we receive the forty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, we must remember those female martyrs and martyrs who were martyred for the cause for which the party came out, and they were a major reason for announcing the founding of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (photos attached).

Egyptian researcher Fernaz Attia confirmed that the PKK, in addition to military victories, possesses political and economic ideas capable of providing realistic solutions to the crises of Middle Eastern countries (attached with pictures).

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is old, as its beginnings go back to the year 1897, the date of the first Zionist conference in Basel, Switzerland, which resulted in the decision to seek to establish a national homeland for the Jews in Palestine. This was followed by the Balfour Declaration in 19

17, which concluded with the British government’s support for the establishment of a national entity for the Jews in Palestine. The implementation of the plan began in stages with the influx of Jewish immigrants from all over the world to Palestine (attached with pictures).

With the advent of winter, residents of Damascus government areas face great suffering in obtaining fuel, the purchase of which has become a monopoly for the rich and influential people of the government. Therefore, residents resort to compensation for this by obtaining firewood and cutting trees for the purpose of securing heating supplies, at the expense of parks and forest areas, which causes damage to the population. Agricultural wealth and the environment (attached with pictures).

Civil society organizations, in cooperation and coordination with the Environmental Authority in Jazira region and the People’s Municipality in Qamishlo, are launching a afforestation and cleaning campaign for the Nafkir area, at 09:00 (photos and video attached).

The Health Council in the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo will open a radiology center in the two neighborhoods for computed tomography and jaw panoramic imaging at 15:00 (photos and video attached).