Hawar news agency plan ANHA 4-16-2024

Hawar news agency plan ANHA 4-16-2024
16 April 2024   02:00

The editor-in-chief of the Press Without Borders website, Joey Haddad, held the authorities of Southern Kurdistan responsible for any harm that befalls journalist Suleiman Ahmed (photos attached).

The conditions of the IDPs are getting worse, in light of the failure of United Nations organizations to provide support to thousands of families in 111 random and organized camps in North and East Syria (photos and video attached).

Summer vegetable farmers in Raqqa Canton are preparing to transfer vegetable seedlings from nurseries and greenhouses (tunnels) to permanent land (photos and video attached).

Professor of International Relations, Dr. Iman Zahran, explained that Iran does not want to deepen the conflict with Israel because it is aware of the extent of American support for it, and that both regimes, Israeli and Iranian, have an expansionist project in the region (attached with pictures).

The Democratic Islamic Conference in Raqqa and the Department of Property Protection of the Syriacs, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Armenians hand over the Christian property endowment in Raqqa Canton, at 11:00 (photos and video attached).

The Martyrs' Families Council in Manbij Canton commemorates the martyr Aziz Arab at the headquarters of the Martyrs' Families Council in Manbij Canton, at 14:00 (photos and video attached).