Egyptian analyst confirms the adoption of democratic nation is the best solution for Palestinian – Israeli conflict

An Egyptian political analyst considered that the root of the problem that kept the Palestinian-Israeli conflict unresolved was Hamas's and Israel's reliance on religious grounds, which would deepen the crisis and make it persistent over future generations, stressing the best solution is the adoption the democratic nation project.

Egyptian analyst confirms the adoption of democratic nation is the best solution for Palestinian – Israeli conflict
15 November 2023   03:16

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken confirmed on Friday that the US had "begun work to lay the foundations for building two separate states" to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the long term.

"The events of October 7 reinforced our belief in the need for a comprehensive peace between Israelis and Palestinians, which will only be achieved by the two-State solution," Blinken said, to which Washington has always demonstrated its commitment.

In his opinion on the future of this two-state solution, the Egyptian political analyst and member of the Arab Initiative for the Freedom of Ocalan, Ilhami al-Meligy, considered that "The solution of two States between them is profound, especially since they were formed on a religious basis, a Jewish State versus a religious State, which will inflame the conflict, even if it postpones it until" He noted that "the conflict will keep going, and generations will inherit it from generation to generation, especially in the presence of Hamas, with the latter posing a State on a religious basis."

"The objective equivalent of a state on a religious basis from Hamas is a state on the religious basis of Israel's junta, so this is not a solution. On the contrary, we can say that it will deepen the crisis and make it persist over generations."

The consequences and disadvantages of the two-State solution would make the conflict permanent, even if for some time it was characterized by some calm for one reason or another, but would deepen over time, since the parties (the two States based on religion) had the religious heritage or inheritance that underpinned that vision, so the state of conflict between the two States would continue and, if accepted, would continue.

The Egyptian political analyst stressed that "the solution of the democratic nation put forward by the thinker and philosopher Abdallah Ocalan is the perfect solution", explaining that "sects, spectra and religions will coexist within them, on the basis of brotherhood, equality and the guarantee of the rights of all ethnicities, which will ensure the strength and survival of a state of this kind."

The Egyptian political analyst also noted that in the 1940s, the Palestinian left and the Arab left also put forward the idea of a democratic national state in which Jews, Muslims and Christians coexist on an equal footing, which was confronted by the nationalist-minded states with a war of barbarism and strong rejection at the time.

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