Academician: Campaign is evidence of the great support for Ocalan

Academic Sarah Glenn, who joined the global campaign “Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, the political solution to the Kurdish issue,” said that the campaign inspires people, so all people should consider themselves a part of it.

Academician: Campaign is evidence of the great support for Ocalan
7 November 2023   00:02

A global campaign, “Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, a political solution to the Kurdish issue,” was launched in 74 centers around the world, from Strasbourg on October 10, by the Platform for the Solution to the Kurdish Issue. British activist, writer, architect, and one of the campaign participants, Sarah Glenn, spoke to ANHA agency about the campaign.

 “The campaign is evidence of support for Ocalan.”

Activist Sarah Glenn pointed out that the campaign is of great importance to everyone and said: “Ocalan has a major role in the process of searching for a solution to the Kurdish issue and peace in Turkey. This international press release has become evidence of the great and widespread support for Ocalan and his ideas, and at the same time highlights the importance of his ideas give hope to people and can be an alternative to the capitalist system everywhere, and because the capitalist system is expanding and destroying society day after day, and the global crisis is getting worse little by little, one sees the more importance of Ocalan’s model in the possibility of finding a different way of thinking to organize societies.”

Inspired campaign

Sarah Glenn considered joining the campaign and the event “an inspiration” and said: “People have joined this campaign from many groups and countries, and this joining and this event inspires people, and its support is increasing day after day, and all people around the world should consider themselves part of this campaign.”

 “Increasing support in the face of obstacles”

Sarah Glenn explained that many people sought to prevent or obstruct this series of events, but they did not succeed in doing so. Sarah cited the position of the French authorities on these events and said: “Following the recent decision of the French authorities to ban our activities and events outside the Council of Europe, the parliamentarians in the committee building immediately delivered, Letters of support and endorsement. Thus, these authorities saw the great and strong support that this campaign enjoys.”

A card will be sent to Imrali"

Sarah Glenn commented on the upcoming activities within the framework of the initiative, saying: “The campaign is long-term, and international media statements were followed by written statements from institutions and individuals, and the organizations of the Kurdish movement in all parts of Kurdistan also made their statements. As for Europe, tents are being set up in front of parliament buildings and our file is presented to politicians.” In the next stage, we will send postcards related to the strict isolation imposed on Ocalan to Imrali prison and the delegation, and we also plan to hold long-term conferences and events, as we will continue our projects in different countries.”

Who is Sarah Glenn?

Architect and writer Sarah Glenn is a British activist residing in Strasbourg and fighting for the physical freedom of the Kurdish people and the leader Abdullah Ocalan. She met the Kurds for the first time during the May 1 event, and watching a documentary on the BBC in 2014 sparked her curiosity towards the Kurds, so she decided to get to know them. Being affiliated with the Scotland in Solidarity with Kurdistan party, she visited Rojava Kurdistan and decided to stand in solidarity with the Kurds. Glen has worked as a lecturer at the Universities of Edinburgh and the West of Scotland and the University of St Andrews.

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