36 killed by air strikes on Aleppo

Several locations in Aleppo and its countryside were subjected to air strikes, and information indicates that more than 36 people were killed and dozens injured.

36 killed by air strikes on Aleppo
29 March 2024   09:27

Several military sites of the Damascus government forces were bombed in the city of Aleppo and its countryside with air strikes likely to be Israeli, according to eyewitnesses and local sources after midnight.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said about the raids targeted "a weapons depot belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah in the Jibreen area near Aleppo International Airport. They also targeted defense factories in Al-Safira, and explosions sounded in the Kafr Joum area, west of Aleppo."

According to the same source, the bombing led to the death of at least 36 members of the Damascus government forces, and the wounding of dozens some of which were serious, likely the death toll will rise.