2 Kolbars killed by Iranian forces in E.Kurdistan

Two Kurdish Kolbars were killed by Iranian state forces in the border areas of eastern Kurdistan.

2 Kolbars killed by Iranian forces in E.Kurdistan
15 April 2024   15:16

The Kurdistan Network for Human Rights reported that late Saturday night (April 13), on the border heights on the border line of the village of Bitoshi in Sardasht Governorate, Eastern Kurdistan the Iranian state forces opened fire on group of Kurdish  Kolbars.

Among the victims: Mehrdad Abdullah Zadeh (20 years old), from the village of Marg, and Amid Saeedi, from the Sunna Governorate.

According to statistics from the Human Rights Network, 39 Kurdish Kolbars were killed last year as a result of being targeted by Iranian state forces, while 10 others lost their lives as a result of various accidents such as falling from heights and death due to extreme cold or drowning, whereas about 365 other injured in the same year in various accidents.