Diaa Iskandar…NE, Syria are Syrian lands, Damascus government!

Diaa Iskandar…NE, Syria are Syrian lands, Damascus government!
13 Decemberember 2023   02:35

The Turkish occupation attacks came after the statements of Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, who invoked Ankara’s heroic operation to implement the Turkish state’s premeditated plan for the Autonomous Administration areas in NE, Syria, which was denied by the Syrian Democratic Forces. Fidan added in his statement, threatening, that “all infrastructure and facilities "Large energy facilities in Iraq and Syria are legitimate targets for our security forces."

Hours after Fidan's statement, specifically on October 4, the Turkish occupation army carried out its brutal aggression, targeting vital, service, and health facilities, such as electricity, water, energy, gas, and oil stations, populated villages, and academies... and caused massive damage to them, estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. Dozens of civilians were martyred and injured, including children, women, and military and security personnel specialized in fighting “terrorism” and drugs. It had a direct catastrophic impact on the lives of more than 5 million people in NE, Syria.

The Turkish occupation is committing crimes against humanity

There is no doubt that the threat of Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, and his admission of his intention to destroy vital sources of life, stations, facilities and infrastructure, was premeditated, which means that the description of the crime committed by the Turkish occupation army falls under the heading of (intentional crime), and it is one of the most severe crimes and heinous in criminal law.

Threatening the lives of the residents of the region, forcing them to abandon their homes, endangering their lives and living under bombing fire, and depriving them of the most important necessities for living, such as electricity, water, and medical care... are crimes that amount to crimes of “genocide” and “crimes against humanity.” Here, an urgent lawsuit must be filed against the fascist Erdogan regime before the International Criminal Court by jurists. To get his just punishment.

The goals of the Turkish aggression in NE, Syria

It is not new that the Turkish occupation state has carried out and is carrying out attacks on the region, especially after the defeat of ISIS at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which includes in its ranks all components, and which manages and organizes the areas it controls by adopting a new approach under the title (Democratic Civil Autonomous Administration), It is a secular system according to direct democratic rule, based on a liberal socialist ideology and promoting decentralization and gender equality...which led to the madness of the fascist regime in Turkey, and it feared that it would spread to Turkey and what it occupies, so it launched several wars in recent years under the pretext of protecting its national security. It was represented by carrying out a series of occupation attacks on Syrian lands with mercenaries brought from different parts of the world and of different nationalities, and given various names (Euphrates Shield 2016, Olive Branch 2018, Peace Spring 2019... and others). Accordingly, Jarabulus and its countryside, Afrin, Azaz, Al-Bab, Ras Al-Ain, and Tal Abyad were occupied... committing the most heinous war crimes in violation of all international laws and conventions. it also intended to impose Turkification policy in the occupied areas and displace their residents, using all means to obliterate the features and identity of the areas it occupied and to inflict Ottomanization on them.

Why are international powers silent about the aggression?

There is no doubt that economic, financial, military, geopolitical, and other interests represent the main motivation for any relationship between countries, and human, principled, and moral values come in last place among the pillars of the relationship between them. Hence, we are not surprised by the silence of international powers regarding the unjust war launched by the Turkish state on the regions of NE, Syria. It does not even bother to comment on the events as a matter of media curiosity, and if they are mentioned unavoidably, it distorts the facts and justifies them in favor of the forces of aggression. What matters primarily to America, Russia, Iran, and other countries that have influence in the region is the continuation and strengthening of their interests with Turkey before anything else. This is what encouraged her to continue her aggression.

How do we explain the silence of the Damascus government?

This silence and neglect clearly and unambiguously indicate the common interest that unites the Syrian and Turkish regimes. By eliminating the experience of Democratic Autonomous Administration and ending it completely; Especially since both of them did not hide their hostility to this rich and promising experience. Otherwise, what does the absence of any mention of the events of the war on NE, Syria mean in the official Syrian media so far?! As if the crime of aggression occurred on another planet that has nothing to do with it at all!

In summary, stopping the Turkish aggression and the withdrawal of its armies and mercenaries from the occupied Syrian territories requires starting to solve the Syrian crisis politically, and this requires intense cooperation from Syrian nationalists of all components to put pressure on the Damascus government. To force it to agree to a political solution, put an end to the Syrian tragedy, and take advantage of the Arab and international circumstances in a way that serves the interests of Syria and its people, especially by moving quickly towards a comprehensive solution based on UN Resolution (2,254), which alone has become the gateway to the reunification of Syrians.

Diaa Iskandar: Syrian opponent writer and journalist

T/ Satt.