AANES's representative meets with number of German parliamentarians

A delegation from the Autonomous Administration in Europe met with a number of German parliamentarians in the German capital, Berlin to discuss a number of topics related to Syria and the regions of NE Syria.

AANES's representative meets with number of German parliamentarians
30 September 2023   07:32

The representative of the Autonomous Administration in Europe, Abdul Karim Omar, and the representative of the administration in Germany, Khaled Darwish, held a meeting with the parliamentarians of the ruling German Social Democratic Party, Niels Schmeiss, and David Zavitsky, in the capital, Berlin, according to the official website of the Autonomous Administration.

At the beginning of the meeting, Abdul Karim Omar touched on the latest developments in Syria in general, and the Autonomous Administration areas in particular, and said that despite the existence of a state of relative calm, there are fears that the situation will worsen at any moment due to the decline of international interest about the Syrian situation.

Omar attributed the faltering efforts and endeavors of a peaceful political settlement in the country to a number of reasons, namely the absence of a real and sincere desire on the part of the Damascus government, the weakness of the Syrian opposition.

Omar confirmed that," we proposed a comprehensive project for a political solution in Syria, which preserves the integrity and unity of Syrian territory, and at the same time achieves the legitimate ambitions and aspirations of all Syrian components."

Omar pointed out, " As Germany is a member of the international coalition to fight ISIS, we look forward to play an active role in resolving the Syrian crisis, as well as in other issues such as fighting ISIS mercenaries and the issue of Syrian refugees.

In turn, parliamentarians Niels Schmeiss and David Zavitsky confirmed that the German government is continuing to support the Syrians, and UN Resolution No. 2254.

Regarding the Autonomous Administration’s announcement of starting procedures to try some ISIS members, the German parliamentarians understand the obstacles and difficulties that prevent international cooperation in this case, they believe in the urgent need to conduct these trials.

They also affirmed their strong support for the Autonomous Administration project related to receiving Syrian refugees in the regions of NE Syria, and expressed their belief that receiving refugees in those regions is an idea that deserves to be seriously considered by the German government and the entire international community, pointing out that they will do their best to discuss this issue at the highest levels in Germany.