​​​​​​​How did Eid al-Adha pass on the Yemenis and what are their wishes?

Eid al-Adha passed this year for the Yemenis, as in previous years, in light of worsening economic and health crises, the danger of which is compounded by the continuation of the armed conflict, with the absence of any indications of its end. Yemenis are trying to adhere to the manifestations of Eid despite the war, poverty and siege, so what were their wishes this year?

​​​​​​​How did Eid al-Adha pass on the Yemenis and what are their wishes?
1 July 2023   01:50

The effects of the war and the economic blockade still affect the festive occasions in Yemen, and negatively reflect on the feelings of joy in the minds of children, adults, merchants, and citizens, as most of the details of celebrating the feast are absent from them, as some do not have new clothes for their children, and they did not get the rest of the necessary holiday supplies, because the war Its difficult conditions and the continuous interruption of salaries for more than five years have turned the rituals of celebrating Eid al-Adha into bitter suffering and a flavor devoid of any signs of joy and a sense of joy.

Citizens expressed their hope for an end to the war and the economic blockade, the opening of ports and airports, and the disbursement of salaries to alleviate the exacerbating suffering of the people.

And they pointed out, in ANHA’s agency monitoring of the reality of Eid al-Adha in the country, that "the weak purchasing power resulting from the economic blockade and the prevention of salary payments led to the inability of people to buy the necessary needs, not to mention the luxuries such as nuts, Eid clothes, and others."

The citizens called on all countries participating in the blockade and war on Yemen to review themselves, lift the blockade, and normalize conditions to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people, who live in difficult conditions as a result of the war and blockade.