KNK congratulates on Kurdish Language Day's occasion

KNK congratulated the Kurdish Language Day, stressing that it was important to increase cultural and linguistic awareness among people: "Protection of the Kurdish language is a national duty of Kurd and Kurdistan."

KNK congratulates on Kurdish Language Day's occasion
15 May 2021   09:07

KNK congratulated the Language, Culture and Education Committee of the KNK, via a statement, on Saturday, on the occasion of the Kurdish Language Day on May 15th.

The text of the statement reads:

"The 15th of May is an occasion to celebrate a day in the Kurdish language, which is being celebrated this year under special circumstances. Countries such as Turkey, Iran and Syria have not wanted to reduce their persecution against the Kurdish nation, and Kurds and Kurdistan continue to resist these occupied countries in order to achieve their fundamental rights.

For years, the Kurdish people have been struggling to maintain their existence, and in this process of struggle language has always been at the forefront. It is therefore important that the Kurds resist and defend the cause of education in the mother tongue, because the defeat of the occupation and the annihilation of the Kurdish people are linked to the destruction of the language, our language is a bright star in the sky of our country. If this star is faded and does not remain, there will be no sense in the presence of the Kurds within this geography.

There is an urgent need to open the door to education in the Kurdish language, and that is why our parties and institutions, as well as every Kurdish citizen, must assume their responsibility. To that end, the Kurds in Kurdistan must increase and strengthen their struggle by all available means

For its part, the Kurdish National Congress (KNK) has always drawn the attention of Kurdish national forces to this crucial issue, and as a result the Language and Education Committee of the KNK has begun this year's Kurdish Language Festival celebrations under the slogan "The protection of Kurdish language is a national duty of Kurds and Kurdistan."