​​​​​​​Suleiman: Turkish occupation aims to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing against Kurds

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​Suleiman: Turkish occupation aims to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing against Kurds
22 June 2020   21:48

Member of the administrative body of the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria in the Başûr Kurdistan region stated that the aim of the Turkish state from its immoral practices is the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Kurds, occupation of more lands and displacement of its indigenous population. She called on the Kurdish forces and political parties to be the owner of one message, and escalate the positions in the face of  the genocide policy by the Turkish state.

The Turkish occupation state continues its attacks on all parts of Kurdistan, and started its attacks on legitimate defense areas "Midia", in addition to the ongoing attacks on the regions of northeast of Syria.

On the Turkish goals and plans in the region, the Hawar News Agency conducted a dialogue with a member of the Administrative Body of the AANES in the Başûr of Kurdistan Region Silava Suleiman assessed the Turkish state’s goal of its attacks, and what is required of the powers Political parties have worked to counter these Turkish attacks.

The following is the text of the interview:

What is the goal of the Turkish state from its recent and ongoing attacks on Başûr Kurdistan?

Turkish policy comes within the framework of the genocidal policies pursued by the Turkish state against the peoples to exterminate and break the will of the Kurdish people. The Turkish state continues to arrest and commit inhumane practices.

 Throughout its history, the Turkish state has plans to end the presence of the Kurdish people. It is stepping up the pace of its attacks on all parts of Kurdistan. In northern Syria today, it occupied many areas, including the city of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, and mobilized its army with the support of its mercenaries. These attacks led to destruction and the devastation in these areas, in addition to the massacres of hundreds of civilians, looting and theft of their property and displacement from their homes.
Now, the Turkish occupation builds-up forces and mercenaries in the countryside of Tel Tamr, Ain Issa and Zarkan. In northern Kurdistan it continues its attacks on the HDP on a daily basis, it arrested many members and parliamentarians of the party.

The same scenario is repeated in southern Kurdistan, where the Turkish state seeks to occupy the region, by expanding its attacks, which include Singal, Mexmur camp and the regions of Biradost, Zab and Heftanin and other areas in violation of all ethical standards and international laws. All these practices indicate that the Turkish state policy aims to annihilate The ethnic cleansing of the rights of the Kurds and the occupation of more lands, and the displacement of the indigenous population, and accordingly, it seeks with all its capabilities to extend its control over the region.

Will the Turkish attacks affect Kurdish national unity?

Turkey is working in various ways to disperse the Kurdish house and prevent the achievement of Kurdish national unity. The statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister regarding the meetings of Kurdish political parties in Rojava confirm once again the hostility of the Turkish state and the AKP to the Kurdish people.

What should the Kurdish forces and political parties do to counter these Turkish attacks?

The recent attack in the Shladizi district resulted in a number of casualties among the Kurdish civilians, in addition to severe material damage to the property of the residents. What I would like to point out that all areas will be the target of direct occupation if not answered with strong positions.

And it requires the Kurdish political forces and parties in Kurdistan to have one message, which is to confront and stand in the face of these occupation attacks, to belong to its unit in Kurdistan, and to raise the pace of struggle in the face of the genocide policy pursued by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people and politicians.ANHA