​​​​​​​Al-Mahjoub: 99% of Libyan territories is under our control 

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​Al-Mahjoub: 99% of Libyan territories is under our control 
18 March 2020   03:21

The Director of the Counselling Department in Libyan Army, Brig- Khaled al Mahjoub, said that Erdogan's mercenaries have not abided to the truce since its announcement in an attempt to change the balance of military forces on the ground, pointing out that the Libyan armed forces control 99% of the country’s area.

This came during in exclusive interview by Hawar news agency (ANHA) with Brig- Gen. Khaled al Mahjoub, who talked about the truce and Turkey's role in exacerbating the conflict in Libya and the importance of the united Arab position against this interference

The following is the text of the interview:

* Is the truce that was announced continues well, or has been violated? Who is the party that violates the cease-fire?

The militias did not abide to the truce or the ceasefire, and we are facing the militia attack and we are always trying to stop the sources of fire, or only to repel the attacks, knowing that the violations are daily.

* How is the military map currently in Libya?

The military map in Libya confirms that about 99% is under the control of the Libyan armed forces on an area of ​​one million and 750 thousand km of the Libyan geographical area for the state map, while the militias are being trapped in limit areas.

* Turkey publicly provides military and logistical support to armed groups, what kind of support is provided and does it affect the military map?

Turkey has not stopped support for terrorist militias such as drones, mortars, armored vehicles, shells, advisers and officers, anti-armor weapons, operational and advisory logistical support; since 2014 the Turkish state has officially supported the militias in Libya, and mercenaries have also advanced in an attempt to change the power zones but it was in vain.

* What are the unspoken Turkish targets in Libya? Does Turkey use Libya as a gateway to cross into North Africa?

The international organization of the Brotherhood controls Turkey and it directs it to interfere in Libya in an attempt to return to Egypt after its collapse in Cairo and Sudan, and therefore there is an insistence on stubbornness in Libya to re-take the places where it has been collapsed.

* What information do you have about the mercenaries sent by Turkey?

We call them Erdogan's mercenaries; about 4,700 or 5,000 arrived in Libya in an attempt to support the front line, and it seems that Turkey did not provide the required for the militia after they lost, and Erdogan's mercenaries have become to support the front and change the balance of power, but to no avail and these attempts that were made to violate a ceasefire and a change in the balance of power without success.

* Do you have relations with the SDF that fought ISIS, Turkey and its mercenaries in Syria, and what is the type and level of these relations?

We do not interfere in the Syrian internal affairs, but there are government visits. As for us as a military institution, we are committed to announcing everything through our official channels. As for cooperation in combating terrorism, it is an international issue is important all of us.

* What is required on the Arab level, especially the Arab League, to stop Turkish interference in both Libya and Syria and remove it from the lands it occupied?

The Arabs are required to strongly confront the Brotherhood’s dangerous ambitions and plans based on plundering the powers and wealth of the Arabs, spreading corruption inside of the Arab societies, making differences in religious matters, creating terrorist groups and arms such as al-Jihad, Ansar al-Hak, Ansar Bait al-Maqdis , al-Qaeda, Bani Ghazi Revolutionaries and many other institutions that has been established by  Brotherhood in order to sow discord constantly within the region, and therefore joint and tireless work is required to stop the organization's tampering in the region.