Hawar news agency's daily 13-04-2019

Hawar news agency's daily 13-04-2019
13 April 2019   01:00

Following up the Resistance of the Age in the second stage, the situation of the people who are residing in al-Shahba, and the activities that support the Resistance of the Age.

Following up the latest developments about the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the lands of north and east Syria, Başûr (South Kurdistan) and the lawful defense zones, and the operations of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) against the Turkish occupation army.

Following up the combing operations carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces in al-Baguz after liberating it completely from Daesh mercenaries.

The councils and communes of Qamishlo organize a mass rally at 15:00, starting from the April 4th Square to support the resistance of prisons and hunger strikers, in condemnation of the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan (attached with photos and video).

The Office of the Women Organization in the Democratic Union Party, Aleppo branch, holds a political seminar on the latest political developments in the region at Afrin Hall at 11:00 am (attached with photos and video).

A number of people from ed-Dirbasiyya district said that Ocalan devoted his life for the freedom and safety of his people and co-existence, and stressed that they are following his approach and philosophy until his freedom is achieved (attached with photos and video).


The Turkish invasion and aggression against Afrin was one of the most horrific crimes of war in the history of humanity, especially more than 30 salafist, racist and nationalist organizations participated. Most of them were classified in the lists of international terrorism and provided their full strength and energy to fight a peaceful people living in a small land area Embracing more than 300,000 displaced people. Their religious communities have lived in a modern tragedy after having suffered repeatedly in their history by the Ottomans in the region (attached with photos and video).


Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Jaish al-Thuwar Forces Ahmed al-Sultan, nicknamed Abu-Araj described the position of Turkey in Syria as "difficult and shameful," which is now between the the Russian S-400 and the US F-35 jets (attached with photos and video).


The north and east of Syria witnessed several important events during the past week, including the denial of Autonomous Administration its agreement with the Iraqi government to hand over Daesh mercenaries, the continuation of operations against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and the terrorist bombings in Shaddadi and Raqqa that resulted in the martyrdom of 9 civilians (attached with photos).