Russia asks: Where does Jabhat al-Nasra  take arms?

The director of the new threats department at the Foreign Ministry asked about the sources that are buying arms and reaching them to the mercenaries of Jabhat al-Nasra? The Russian media reported earlier that Jabhat al-Nasra is getting arms from Turkey.

Russia asks: Where does Jabhat al-Nasra  take arms?
31 March 2018   11:19

NEWS DESK - Russian Foreign Ministry Director of Threats Elia Rogachev said on Saturday that oil smuggling as one of the most important sources of funding for terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq has become virtually non-existent, but many other issues are still pending.

He pointed out that mercenaries and Jabhat al-Nasra have never suffered from the "shortage of ammunition" during the seven years of the Syrian crisis. "Our air force daily announces the destruction of weapons depots and ammunition belonging to terrorists, but their reserves never run out."

According to Novosti, "they have stockpiled imaginary quantities of so-called military products, although they make only a small part of the domestic, where they receive about 100% of these products from outside parties. ? "

Jabhat al-Nasra controls the border province of Idlib with Turkey, which oversees Bab al-Hawa crossing with Turkey. This indicates that the purchase and delivery of arms to the mercenaries is carried out through Turkey, Russia's ally in Syria.

Russia itself published sections of space showing hundreds of vehicles carrying oil on the Syrian-Turkish border during the period of occupation, and these tankers heading to Turkey, in confirmation that Turkey buys oil from IS, before the parties become partners in changing the demographic Syrian construction the agreements to reduce the escalation they reached with Iran.