Sarkozy arrested for corruption

Sarkozy arrested for corruption
20 March 2018   10:06

NEWS DESK - French police announced the detain of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, on suspicion of corruption in the financing of his campaign

According to Sky News, the police said Sarkozy's arrest at a police headquarters could last for 48 hours

Under French law, police can detain a person for two days before being released or charged

The French authorities suspect that Sarkozy received money from late Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi to fund his campaign in the French presidential race in 2007.

The French newspaper Le Monde reported on Tuesday that investigations showed that funding negotiations were held at a conference in Dubai about education, and then some interviews were held at Sarkozy's office in Paris

There are suspicions that Sarkozy has forged suspicious deals with Qatar, and former FIFA president Joseph Blatter has said that Sarkozy has a role in granting Qatar the right to host the 2022 Cup