Security Forces free Yazidi woman, 2 girls from al-Hol camp

The Internal Security Forces freed a Yazidi woman and two girls who were kidnapped by ISIS mercenaries.

Security Forces free Yazidi woman, 2 girls from al-Hol camp
5 June 2024   12:59

The Internal Security Forces published a statement on Facebook indicating that their Anti-Crime Forces had obtained “confirmed information about the presence of a kidnapped Yazidi woman in the fourth sector of al-Hol camp”, Jazera Canton.

The Internal Security stated that the Anti-Crime Forces began the necessary investigation and follow-up operations and raided the place of the kidnapping. On Monday (June 3), the anti-crime forces managed to free a kidnapped Yazidi woman named “Aziza Khaled Ali and two children with her, one of whom is her daughter,” according to the Internal Security statement. .

The Internal Security reported that it managed to identify the second ten-year-old girl, called “Khanaf Naif Khadr.” She was several months old when she and her mother were kidnapped and separated from each other, during the ISIS mercenaries’ attack on Şengal in August 2014, and the mercenaries were kidnapped more than 5 thousand Yazidi women.

The statement added “the women, two girls will be handed over to the Yazidi House through its Relations and Coordination Office to ensure their safe arrival to their families.