Political Parties call for democratic solution to Kurdish issue in Turkey

33 political parties in NE Syria slammed the so-called judicial rulings of the Turkish authorities against Kurdish politicians who supported the Kobani resistance, and demanded a just, democratic solution to the Kurdish issue.

Political Parties call for democratic solution to Kurdish issue in Turkey
18 May 2024   13:39

The political parties in NE Syria issued a statement to public opinion, which stated:

“The rogue Turkish regime insists on supporting of terrorism, especially terrorism represented by ISIS, which has destroyed, killed and displaced hundreds of thousands of citizens of countries in the region and this indicates that Turkish regime was the one who created, organized and financed the terrorists to destroy the countries of the region and their inhabitants, the evidence for this is many, as ISIS released the workers of the Turkish consulate in Mosul, which is a unique incident in addition to cross-border cooperation during ISIS’s control of the border areas adjacent to Turkey, as well as facilitating the passage of ISIS members for treatment in Turkey and allowing all terrorists to join ISIS, and these operations were taking place at Istanbul Airport.

When the Syrian Democratic Forces defeated ISIS with international support, Erdogan’s regime took it upon itself to take revenge on everyone who contributed to the end of ISIS . Today, a group of Kurdish politicians are being tried, even though these politicians have never carried weapons.

The Turkish regime is carrying out political massacres against Kurdish politicians through the politicized judiciary, not because of a real sin they committed, but because they supported events and activities that were aimed at fighting ISIS.

A few days ago, the Turkish regime issued immoral and illegal sanctions against those who supported the Kobani resistance. Kobani has become an icon of resistance and freedom for all liberals and democrats.

We in the political parties  strongly condemn the so-called judicial rulings against Kurdish politicians who supported the Kobani resistance. We call on the United Nations institutions, the European Union, and the international coalition to combat terrorism to intervene to prevent these judicial farces.

We appeal to international public opinion, parliamentarians, and all free people in the world to stand alongside them and raise their voices against Erdogan’s fascist regime.

We also demand that the Kurdish issue in Turki be resolved in a fair, democratic manner.

Parties that signed the statement:

1- Democratic Union Party.

2- The Green Democratic Party.

3 - Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party.

4- Kurdistan Liberal Union.

5- Kurdistan Communist Party.

6 - Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria.

7 - The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party.

8 - The Kurdish Left Party in Syria.

9 - The Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria.

10 - Future Syria Party.

11 - Kurdistan Democratic Change Party.

12 - Kurdistan Renewal Movement.

13- Kurdistan Workers’ Union.

14 - The Arab National Authority.

15 - Modernity and Democracy Party of Syria.

16 - Syrian Kurdish Democratic Wefaq Party.

17 - Reform Movement - Syria.

18 - The Assyrian Democratic Party.

19- Kurdistan Fraternity Party.

20- Roj Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria.

21- Democratic Society Movement.

22 - Kongra Star.


23 - Conservative Party.

24 - Democratic Struggle Party.

25 - Kurdistan Future Movement.

26 - Kurdistan Democratic Party - West Kurdistan.

27- National Coordination Body - Movement for Democratic Change.

28- Syriac Union Party.

29- The Kurdistan National Rally Party.

30- The Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria

31- The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti).

32- The Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria.

33- Suraya Party.