Kurdistan Democratic Party kidnapped Suleiman Ahmed, 37 days ago 

The authorities of the Kurdistan Democratic Party kidnapped the journalist, Suleiman Ahmed, 37 days ago, amid continuous local and international media condemnation, and demands to reveal his fate and release him.

Kurdistan Democratic Party kidnapped Suleiman Ahmed, 37 days ago 
30 November 2023   13:31

The Kurdistan Democratic Party authorities continue to hide the location and fate of the editor of Roj News Agency, journalist Suleiman Ahmed, after kidnapping him 37 days ago, without any information being received from him, despite the calls and appeals launched by media centers and bodies.

His colleagues in the profession miss him daily, according to what is published about him on virtual networking sites, and on the websites of Roj News Agency, which also published a news story today in which it talked about the continued detention and the failure to receive information about him.

Today, the Secretary of the Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate, Karwan Anwar, confirmed in a video that he posted on his virtual communication website, that all voices demand the freedom and release of journalist Suleiman Ahmed and the rest of the journalists in the prisons of southern Kurdistan, pointing to work to end the era of arresting journalists and violating their rights.

Journalist and editor of the Arabic section at ANHA Roj News agency, Suleiman Ahmed, went to visit his family in the city of Aleppo on October 1, after the death of his father, Muhammad Ahmed, officially coming from the city of Sulaymaniyah in southern Kurdistan.

During his return from Syria at the Fish Khabur crossing, he was kidnapped by the Kurdistan Democratic Party authorities, and contact with him was completely lost 37 days ago.

Dozens of local, regional and international media organizations, are calling on the Kurdistan Democratic authorities to release the editor of Roj News Agency, Suleiman Ahmed, as both (CPT-CPJ) and (RSF), which are concerned with the rights of journalists at the global level, issued a call to drop the charges against him and release him immediately. They also criticized the authorities of southern Kurdistan for their continued violations of international laws protecting journalists.