(KCDK-E) calls on Kurdistanis to rise up against the genocidal attacks

The Kurdistan Democratic Society Conference in Europe called on the Kurdistanis and their friends outside the country to take to the squares and rise up against the genocidal attacks launched by Turkey against Rojava.

 (KCDK-E) calls on Kurdistanis to rise up against the genocidal attacks
16 January 2024   19:31

On Tuesday, the Kurdistan Democratic Community Conference in Europe (KCDK-E) issued a statement regarding the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on NE, Syria, which stated:

“We call on our people in Europe to move immediately to adopt and support Rojava, to respond to the call to strengthen solidarity with Rojava, as the Turkish state practices state terrorism against the components of the region.

Although the people of Rojava do not want war, the Turkish occupation state is imposing this war on them, and the people of Rojava have mobilized all their strength to defend themselves against this.

We call on you to rise up and take to the squares against these genocidal attacks.

The Turkish state, which imposes war on the Kurdistan region and wants to carry out genocide by committing massacres, is not satisfied with bloodshed, and targets all the gains of the Kurdish people through hostility towards the Kurds at home and abroad.

It uses the bodies of its soldiers as an excuse, and bombs resources of life unabated in Rojava. These attacks, which intensified on January 12, continue on many civilian areas.

We call on our people in all European countries, Australia and Canada to urgently take a stand and take to the squares to embrace Rojava, where the liberal ideas of Leader Ocalan were planted.”

T/ Satt.