Journalist Suleiman Ahmed: 216 days in KDP's Prisons

KDP authorities have been arresting journalist Suleiman Ahmed for 216days. Finally, his lawyers have met him on Wednesday, May 22, after 212 days of his detention.

Journalist Suleiman Ahmed: 216 days in KDP's Prisons
27 May 2024   09:55

The editor of the Arab section of the Roj News Agency, Suleiman Ahmed, was kidnapped by the Kurdistan Democratic Party forces, at the Faysh Khabour crossing (Simalka) on October 25, while returning to S. Kurdistan.

The Asayish forces affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Dohuk claimed in a statement full of contradictions and lies that his kidnapping "is not related to his journalistic work."

Suleiman Ahmed's lawyer was permitted to meet him in Asayish Dohuk prison on Wednesday, May 22, under the pressure of journalists, press unions and local and international organizations.

The lawyer Bashdar Hassan told Roj News: “We met Suleiman Ahmed in one of the rooms, and during the meeting, Suleiman Ahmed thanked all those who made an effort for him and extended a special greeting to all workers in the Roj News Agency. We are very happy that his health is good. The lawyer confirmed to the same agency, that Ahmed is arrested under Article 1 of the Southern Kurdistan Parliament Law No, and continued by saying: "However, no charges have been proven yet, we have reviewed the judge of the investigation court affiliated with Asayish Dohuk, so informed us of the possibility of visiting our client as lawyers.

Suleiman Ahmed's mother called for his release and expressed her gratitude to everyone contributed to pressure on the government of Southern Kurdistan to allow his lawyer to meet him.