Berwarî: ruling party in S. Kurdistan must be changed

The Vice Head of the Academy of Politics and Democratic Thought explained that the popular base of power in Başûr is declining, and said: “Failure to achieve change in Başûr will lead to the outbreak of a comprehensive uprising.”

Berwarî: ruling party in S. Kurdistan must be changed
14 January 2024   04:00

Vice Head of the Academy of Politics and Democratic Thought, Dr. Kamiran Berwarî, spoke to ANHA agency about the Iraqi parliamentary elections held on December 18, 2023, and the upcoming May 30 elections in Başûr.

Kamiran Berwarî pointed out that the elections of December 18, 2023 did not solve the Iraqi crisis, and he said: “If the local governments in the governorates of Iraq are formed properly, this will reduce the burden on the central government. It will be a step to organize services, because the situation in Iraq is bad by all standards.” These elections that were held will not lead to a solution to the Iraqi crisis, because the problems of the elections have not yet been solved. Some alliances have been formed in the name of the people behind the scenes between some parties and some people. Many votes have been recorded, and they have practiced great corruption.”

Turkish policy failed in Başûr and Iraq.”

Berwarî explained that these elections also showed the extent of awareness and understanding of the people of Southern Kurdistan (Başûr Kurdistan) and Iraq of Turkish policy and its local and regional allies. He continued his speech by saying: “The people realize that the goal of the Turkish state is to weaken Kurdish and Iraqi interests, and that is why the Turkish state and its allies fail and their truth is revealed day after day.” One day, the results of the elections in Mosul, Kirkuk, and the areas falling under Article 140 revealed the failure of Turkish policy in Iraq and Southern Kurdistan (Başûr Kurdistan).”

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will not become a tool of the Turkish state.”

Berwarî commented on the statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister, Hakan Fidan, hostile to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, saying: “The aim of this statement is to undermine the unity of the Kurdish people. On the one hand, they want to divide Southern Kurdistan into two parts, and pursue a policy hostile to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and on the one hand, they want to deepen and fueling differences between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Hakan Fidan’s statements after assuming the position of Foreign Minister do not differ from his statements when he was the head of the Turkish intelligence services. He continues his statements as head of intelligence, and these statements of his are irresponsible. He is well aware that they are empty statements and cannot be taken into account. It harms the unity of the Kurdish ranks, as the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will never become a tool for Turkish policy, and it is well known that any forces that allied with Turkey, whether in Başûr Kurdistan or in Rojavay Kurdistan, have reaped nothing but disgrace and disgrace among the Kurdish people.”

 “Our people will not vote for pro-Turkish forces”

Regarding the parliamentary elections that will be held in Southern Kurdistan on May 30, Kamiran Berwarî explained that all forces are preparing to win more votes in Southern Kurdistan, and said: “The people of Başûr Kurdistan know very well who they will vote for. We will witness results similar to Mosul and Kirkuk, and some surprising things will happen.” It is unexpected, and there is no doubt that if Iraq or the United Nations supervised the elections in Southern Kurdistan, and there were no major cases of corruption as was the case before, the political map in Southern Kurdistan would change, because our people will not vote for the forces loyal to Turkey.”

 “Both Iraq and southern Kurdistan will witness a comprehensive uprising.”

Kamiran Berwarî called on the people of Southern Kurdistan to be cautious in this dangerous stage, and said: “Those parties and people who have not been able to serve Southern Kurdistan for 33 years must be held accountable in the elections, because the people of the region are tired of this government. This is the stage that you are going through.” Başûr Kurdistan is very dangerous and painful. The situation of the people of Başûr is bad by all standards. All the money and the entire income of Southern Kurdistan and even Iraq do not go to the banks of Southern Kurdistan, but rather go directly to families, people and political parties. This is a very critical and dangerous situation. The situation has reached the level that if a change will occur in the next few months, and if the government of Southern Kurdistan does not feel the suffering of the people, a comprehensive uprising will undoubtedly break out in Iraq and Southern Kurdistan.”

Either they get back on track with pressure or they change.”

Kamiran Berwarî pointed out that the federal system in Southern Kurdistan failed because of the Kurdistan Democratic Party government, so the democratic confederation system must be implemented in Iraq and Southern Kurdistan again, and he continued his speech by saying: “New personalities must be elected, so the faces that we have seen in elections for 33 years must be changed.” Those in power today must know that their popularity has declined and they no longer have a popular base, so either they return to the right track under the pressure of the people or they leave the political arena, and know that the current government cannot represent the people. This mentality of power must be changed. The regime has failed. This federalism is in Southern Kurdistan, so we must implement the democratic confederation system in Iraq and Southern Kurdistan, as the existing system in Rojava Kurdistan constitutes a good model and example for Southern Kurdistan and Iraq.”

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