AANES hands over 50 ISIS members of Tajik families 

The Democratic Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria handed over 50 members of the families of ISIS mercenaries who aspire to Tajik citizenship to a delegation from the Republic of Tajikistan according to an official handover document.

AANES hands over 50 ISIS members of Tajik families 
25 April 2024   19:45

The news was published by the official website of the Department of Foreign Relations of the North and East Syria, through which it indicated that a delegation from the Republic of Tajikistan, headed by Ambassador Zubaidullah Zubaydov, Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to the State of Kuwait, and his accompanying delegation, visited the headquarters of the Department of Foreign Relations in Qamishlo, today, Thursday.

The delegation was received by the co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department, Fener Al-Kaait, a member of the administrative body, Mr. Khaled Ibrahim, and Lana Hussein, representative of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ).

During the meeting, the two sides discussed many issues of concern to both sides, most notably the situation in Syria in general, and northern and eastern Syria in particular.

Fener Al-Kaait said, from the beginning, the Autonomous Administration in north-eastern Syria stressed the importance of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue as a means to resolve the crisis in the country, and the Autonomous Administration strives to achieve this goal through negotiation and dialogue with various parties, and its initiative relies on the principle of Syrian territorial integrity and respect for the rights of all components and the ethnic groups in Syria.

He stressed that the Turkish attacks on the region caused systematic destruction of infrastructure and affected the lives of millions of residents. These attacks particularly target vital facilities such as water and electricity stations, which led to power and water outages in the targeted areas. These attacks constitute a violation of international laws, including Including the Geneva Convention, however, the international community remains silent about these attacks.

He continued, "The situation in the region is already complex, and reports indicate that the Turkish attacks have negatively affected the efforts made to combat ISIS mercenaries, making the mission of the Global Coalition in Syria more difficult. Reports also indicate that ISIS may exploit this chaos to reorganize its ranks and that there are efforts to the deportation of ISIS families from camps in northeastern Syria to their countries of origin continues, and some of these efforts have been praised at the international level, but the situation requires intense international and regional cooperation to ensure security and stability and to continue the war against ISIS effectively.”

In his turn, Ambassador Zabidullah Zabidov praised everything done by the people of the region, including civilians and security, administrative and military institutions, in fighting terrorism and establishing security and safety in the region, wishing that security and safety would prevail throughout the world, especially Syria, as a country that has been suffering for more than ten years from the consequences of internal war.

He also praised the efforts of the Autonomous Administration and those facilitating the process of handing over ISIS women and children who hold Tajik nationality.

At the end of the meeting, 17 women and 33 children from ISIS families who held Tajik nationality were handed over, according to a handover document between the two sides.

T/ Satt.