Somali security expert: Turkey made our country den of selling arms in Africa, plundered our wealth

Reportaj Summay

Somali security expert: Turkey made our country den of selling arms in Africa, plundered our wealth
1 April 2020   01:36

The Somali security expert and researcher on Africa Horn, Abdel Aziz Al Karsi, condemned the interference of the Turkish regime in Somalia, and its attempt to control the Somali coasts and plunder the wealth of the Somali people.
Al Karsi revealed in an exclusive interview to Hawar news agency that Turkey takes Somalia as a hub for selling banned weapons and exporting them to countries of conflict and wars in the region, and affirmed that it takes Somalia as a gateway to cross into the Horn of Africa and extend its control and influence there.

The following is the text of the interview:

What did enrage the Somali people from Turkey in the recent period?

Turkey pursues a policy of dumping Somalia with fake debts that do not exist, as the Vermago regime, adopts Turkish bills worth $ 2 million per month, which Turkey claims to provide to the police and army elements in Somalia, as well as the Somali-Turkish military agreement that allows Turkey to build an unlimited number of Turkish bases inside Somalia and its coasts, and also allows it to sell and store weapons inside Somalia, then transfer them to other destinations without referring to the international organizations overseeing the arms embargo on Somalia.

What about the Youth Movement in Somalia?

There is a clear fraud that explains why the Vermago regime refused to include the Somali Terrorist Youth Movement on the United Nations list on the terrorist list with the aim of protecting the interests of selling Turkish weapons in the Horn of Africa, whose illegal streak extends to Libya.

How do the Somali people see these Turkish interventions on their land?

Since the arrival of the Turks to Somalia, the proportion of terrorist operations has increased, as the proportion of taxes imposed on the citizens has also increased, as well as the salaries they pay to the Somali Youth Movement, and that is then issued that Turkey led by Erdogan provides support work and buildings to Somalia, which is in fact a thief for the sustenance of the Somali people and their historical buildings.

Is there really Turkish support provided to the Somali people?

They are all allegations .. As you know, the Vermago regime claims that Turkey built Erdogan Hospital, and in fact it is a restoration of an old Somali hospital founded by Siad Berri, may God have mercy on him, and all Somalis know this.

To which extent does the Turkish intervention inside Somalia reach?

Turkey has stolen the soil of Somali beaches and has added oaths and loyalty to all police and army recruits whom Vermago sent to train in, most of whom are terrorist elements and even collaborators with terrorist organizations such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, then they are sent after recruitment to international conflict areas inside the continent, in addition to threatening the shipping line inside Red Sea and Arabian Sea.

What are the real goals of Turkey from its interventions in Somalia?

Turkey wants to show itself in the image of controlling Somalia to hide the suffering of its economy, its high debt and the deterioration of its currency, as the Turkish presence seeks to burn the national economy of the countries of the Horn of Africa and replace it with an economy of consumption of Turkish products that are corrupt and unfit for human use in the world, and it exploits this to weaken control, corrupt and spread in the Horn of Africa.

Turkey also seeks to control the security reins in the Somali coasts on which the commercial silk line passes, and thus will increase the value of insurance fees and the value of goods, and give Turkey the ability to negotiate and bid with international parties as everyone knows that Erdogan's son-in-law, Albayrak is the owner of the management of the vital port of Mogadishu. This led to the request of advanced Turkish naval bases and large airports to carry out arms smuggling operations, as is the case in South America.

Did Turkey succeed in tightening its control over Somalia?

Turkey failed to occupy Suaken Island by overthrowing the Bashir Brotherhood regime, failed to occupy Libya, and continues to move in the Somali region of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia which is rich in petroleum resources. The Turkish regime seeks to trade and sell all the forbidden from human trade to arms trade.

How Turkey's ambitions in the region can be addressed?

From here, I invite all Arab leaderships and extend an urgent appeal to them to support the Somali people, their interests and their security.