Book about "Minorities" of Middle East entitled "Proud souls"

A book on minorities in the Middle East entitled "Proud souls" was published in Italy and signed by journalist Chiara Zappa.

Book about "Minorities" of Middle East entitled "Proud souls"
31 March 2018   12:43

NEWS DESK-The author Chiara Zappa said "The minorities in the Middle East are victims of oppression and discrimination, and are often linked to the media and public discourse, with categories that have become almost labels."

"There is still something very important missing in this view," the author said, "because the numerous and multifaceted minorities living in the region are resistance first and foremost."

she said "My presence in many of these communities in the course of my travels has given me many opportunities to enchant their spirit, and also to recognize the discomfort with which they view the definition of the minorities to which they are attached."

she added "In fact, if numerically, in most cases this term cannot be accepted.", "so I had to agree with the fact that these people were confined to a demographic weight, despite their unique cultures and social systems, strategic players in the modern history of the region, constitutes a serious error in the assessment. "

Zappa said "Many of the witnesses I have met and interviewed have reiterated that the idea of the minority underestimates us and denies our role as integrated citizens," Chiara Zappa said.

the Journalist concluded "Therefore, they are not oppressed minorities, they are people of resistance and proud souls."