Video tape shows Turkish war crime, KDP's betrayal

Footage shows the Turkish occupation army attacking the tunnels of the People's Defense Forces (Guerrilla) in Amdiye Hill in southern Kurdistan with chemical weapons, while the Kurdistan Democratic Party is building roads towards Guerrilla's tunnels using bulldozers.

Video tape shows Turkish war crime, KDP's betrayal
19 November 2023   13:07

Footage of November 4 shows the Turkish occupation soldiers using chemical gases in their attacks on the tunnels of the martyr Pir Dogan in Amdiye Hill in southern Kurdistan, as smoke rises from the tunnels of the People’s Defense Forces (Guerrilla), and alongside these attacks the bulldozers of KDP is building a road towards these tunnels.

The war tunnels in Amdiye Hill in the Martyr Dalil area, west of Zap witness one of the greatest resistances in the history of the struggle for freedom.

The Turkish army deployed its forces on the Amdiye Hill between the months of May and December 2022, where the Turkish army committed all kinds of war crimes, violating all ethical standards and principles, but the resistance in the tunnels dealt painful blows to the Turkish army.

In December 2022, the Turkish army was forced to withdraw from Judi Hill, Amdiye Hill first, and then from the entire area of Martyr Dalil in western Zap, suffering a historic defeat, but last September it is trying to occupy this region again with logistical support and cooperation from KDP. The latter built roads and military headquarters for the Turkish army.

These scenes show that KDP is not only far from Kurdism, but also from humanity.