Thousand march against leader Ocalan's isolation

The people of the cities of Bhutan and Raha in northern Kurdistan headed to Amed to participate in the “Freedom March”.

Thousand march against leader Ocalan's isolation
18 November 2023   15:39

 The march organized by the Free Women's Movement (TJA), the Democratic Provinces Party (DBP), the Union of Human Rights Associations to Support Families of Prisoners (TUHAD-FED), the Association for Support and Assistance to Families of Missing Persons from the Cradle of Civilization (MEBYA-DER) and the Equality and Democracy Party for Peoples (HEDEP), the “Freedom March” took place towards the Gemlik district in Bursa to demand the end of the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

 The people of Şernek and the rest of the districts gathered in the Cezir district of Şernek since the early morning hours to participate in the march.

The people of Bhutan headed to Amed in a convoy of cars with great enthusiasm, as the crowds that would gather in Amed would march towards Gemlik.

"We will march against isolation"

The representative of the Peoples’ Equality and Democracy Party (HEDEP) in Şernek, Mehmet Zaki Ermez, made a statement in which he said: “We are now on the road towards Gemlik. Severe isolation has been imposed on Mr. Ocalan and his companions for 25 years, so we launched a new campaign against Isolation, and this campaign of ours will continue, and we will not stop no matter how many obstacles are in front of us. We will march towards Imrali, we call on all democratic and pro-freedom organizations to participate in this march, to lift this isolation as quickly as possible.

The crowds took to the road, chanting the slogans: “No life without the leader” and “No to isolation.”

In the city of Raha, the people gathered in the Jorn Resh district to join the march. During the preparations for heading to Amed, the participants chanted the slogan “Long live leader Ocalan.”