Laila Qaraman: We work according to national strategy to achieve Syrians' aspirations 

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council said that the road map drawn up by SDC offers solutions to the crisis and meets the aspirations of the Syrian people, and she stressed that they are working according to a national strategy to reach a pluralistic and decentralized Syria.

Laila Qaraman: We work according to national strategy to achieve Syrians' aspirations 
15 March 2024   04:08

Regarding the current reality of Syria, on the 13th anniversary of the start of the Syrian crisis, and the efforts of SDC in the next stage, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Laila Qaraman, spoke to ANHA's agency.

Leila Qaraman emphasized: “By the 13th anniversary of the Syrian revolution, we are able to succeed and bring Syria to a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria that unites all Syrians.”

Leila Qaraman explained: “Today, during the 13 years of the crisis, we do not see or show any signs of a political solution. The revolution has deviated from its course, and militarization and international and external powers have intervened in it.”

Laila Qaraman noted: “Now we see that the Syrian situation is truly in a state of stagnation. The Syrian file today is not a priority for international powers.”

Leila Qaraman touched on SDC’s efforts after holding its fourth conference on December 20, 2023, and said: “Our primary goal in the conference was to achieve the unity of Syrians, reach all Syrians, open up to the Syrian interior, and attract the personalities and democratic forces present in Syria, and on this basis we are committed with our goals.”

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council noted: “We are also working to move the Syrian file forward again, and from this standpoint we have begun working on a national strategy in order to strengthen national unity and reach all democratic forces and personalities, and we hope from all Syrians that there will be real solidarity.”

Laila Qaraman noted: “During our fourth conference, we put forward a political vision and a road map, and to achieve this vision, there are preliminary steps that lead to reaching this solution map, and the beginning lies in building bridges of trust between Syrians, and on this basis we are continuing to reach a larger number of Syrians, especially personalities.” And national figures and democratic forces.”

Laila Qaraman added: “In our conference, there was great reliance on the role of the Syrian Democratic Council, as it is the real Syrian project capable of meeting the aspirations of the Syrian people, from the first day in Daraa, from which the first spark of the revolution was launched.”

Laila Qaraman stressed: “We are continuing to ensure that there is a real solution in Syria with the participation of all Syrian parties, without the exclusion of any party or any Syrian component in this political process. We also affirm that the role of women is very important in the political process. This is a basic condition in the Syrian Democratic Council, as any change process without the participation of women will not be successful.”

Touching on the reality of the Turkish-occupied Syrian regions, Leila Qaraman said: “What we are witnessing today in terms of the Turkish occupation of Syrian lands and the crimes it is committing against nature and the environment, in addition to the processes of demographic change, we reject this occupation and the processes of demographic change carried out by the occupier.”

She stressed that the Turkish occupation "violates international norms and conventions in the occupied territories."

Laila Qaraman stated: “In general, we are open to dialogue with everyone in order for there to be real peace in Syria, and in order to solve the Syrian crisis, so there is an important role for the Syrian Democratic Council in gathering these existing forces, to find a better future in which all Syrians come together."

T/ Satt.