Kurdish Film Festival kicks off in Germany

The Kurdish Film Festival in Hamburg is preparing to launch its 14th edition in Germany with the participation of 19 Kurdish films from various parts of Kurdistan and the world.

Kurdish Film Festival kicks off in Germany
18 November 2023   13:05

According to the festival committee member, Rawand Jawad, the festival committee received 125 films from the four parts of Kurdistan, 19 of which were chosen for display, 6 of which were documentaries, 4 were long, and nine were short. The festival continues for 5 consecutive days.

The festival activities will open at 06:00 GMT, on the 22nd of this month, with a concert, with the participation of the artist Jamila and the artist Hawri from northern Kurdistan.

 The festival begins its activities with the screening of the film "GAVA ȘitiIL MEZIN DIBIN" by director Razgar Ezad Kaya. The film has previously been shown at many film festivals and won a number of awards.

The festival program includes two lectures, one of which is about drawing in cinema, delivered by the artist Luqman Ahmed from Rojava, and the second is given by the translator and writer Kawa Nimr about the Kurdish language in cinema.

Three prizes will be awarded (the festival shield and a financial grant) for the best documentary film and the short one, while another will be awarded to the Supreme Committee, which will award it to one of the participants for their work.

Regarding the importance of the festival, Rawand Jawad, the member of the festival committee, says: “Kurdish film festivals are very important for developing Kurdish art and introducing the Kurdish people and their culture to the world."

"Kurdish art has now had a remarkable presence around the world, and more work must be done to introduce Kurdish culture to the world and the Kurds who live abroad.”