Mercenary attack on shop; its owner in Occupied Afrin

A mercenary of the Turkish occupation attacked a resident of Afrin and caused damage to his brother's property in the occupied city of Rajo, Afrin.

Mercenary attack on shop; its owner in Occupied Afrin
15 June 2024   19:19

According to information, this morning a mercenary, al-Haj Abu Hisham, attacked an olive oil business in the main market in Rajo City.

The shop belonged to a citizen, Amir Hussein Bilal, a resident of the occupied village of Haj Khalil in Afrin. The mercenary, who joined the group of mercenaries of the so-called Islam Army of the Turkish occupation, broke the front end of the shop and attacked Amir's brother, Azad Bilal, causing him to be wounded in his left hand after being hit with a sharp knife.

The attack took place without any previous disagreement between the shop owner and the mercenary from Adra, in the Damascus countryside, and confirmed that the group of mercenaries known as the Civil Police had not intervened despite the presence of patrols in the market.

T/ Satt.