Citizen abducted, over 300 trees burned in occupied Afrin

Turkish occupation mercenaries abducted a citizen and burned over 300 fruit trees in occupied Afrin.

Citizen abducted, over 300 trees burned in occupied Afrin
9 July 2024   15:25

A local source from occupied Afrin reported that the "112th Division" mercenaries affiliated with the Turkish occupation kidnapped 40-year-old Mannan Mohu Naasan, a resident of the village of Damliya in the Mobata district of occupied Afrin.

The source pointed out that the citizen was kidnapped just days after arriving in his city, despite having paid $3,000, and was taken to Hawar Kilis prison, with no information on his fate.

Another source stated that the "Ahrar al-Sharqiya" mercenaries, also affiliated with the Turkish occupation, burned more than 300 fruit trees, including apricot, cherry, and olive trees, belonging to the residents of the village of Altaniya in the Rajo district of occupied Afrin. This act is part of the ongoing demographic changes and nature destruction.

The source added that the villagers filed a complaint against these mercenaries to the occupation authorities, but it was immediately dismissed.

The Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries continue their efforts of demographic change and nature destruction in the areas they occupy, aiming to alter the identity of these regions, displace their original inhabitants, and settle their mercenaries there.