On February 10, the RYM set up a sit-in tent to denounce the international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan..

Thousands of young men and women from Kobani canton flocked to the Free Woman Square to join the demonstration rejecting..

To denounce the international conspiracy that was hatched against the leader Abdullah Ocalan on February 15, 1999, the y..

KOBANE The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in the Euphrates region organized a torchlight procession during w..

Under the slogan "In the Spirit of Prisons' Resistance, We Will Definitely Triumph," the Revolutionary You..

The Democratic Students Movement for Afrin region, in coordination with the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement for Afri..

After three days, the march of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement and the Union of Young Women from Tal Tamr city, ..

Dozens of members of the PYD's youth gathered in Beirut and denounced the Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Sy..

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in Çil Axa district called on the international community to break its si..

Dozens of members of the Young Women's Union gathered in al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo city in front of t..

Under the slogan “With the unity of the youth, we will surely triumph over the betrayal of Şengal.” to salut..

Dozens of members of the Movement and the Women Union gathered at the Martyrs' Roundabout in Derik to protest plots ..

The people of northern and eastern Syria have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Iraqi army’s sending thousa..

Today, under the slogan "We will definitely win, it is time for freedom", the SRYM of Afrin canton held its se..

 The PYD's youth organized commemorating meeting on the fifth anniversary of the World Day of Solidarity with t..