Worker narrates, how he shelled by Turkish UAV while extinguishing fire

A power station worker who is currently receiving treatment in a hospital in the city of Hasakah, awaiting surgery, recounts the moment he was targeted while trying to extinguish the fire that broke out in one of the electricity transformers as a result of the Turkish occupation bombing it in the Ad-Darbasiyah district.

Worker narrates, how he shelled by Turkish UAV while extinguishing fire
15 January 2024   16:21

Ad-Darbasiyah power station worker, Kabrin Hawass Al-Farho, from the Ad-Darbasiyah district, is waiting for surgery in the next few hours, as a result of being targeted while trying to extinguish a fire that broke out in station after it was exposed to the Turkish occupation attack this morning (January 15).

Al-Farho was injured by shrapnel in his feet and chest. Before undergoing surgery, he spoke to ANHA agency and said: “At about nine o’clock this morning, we heard the sound of an explosion. We left the center accompanied by the administration and headed to the site of the attack, to work to extinguish the fire that broke out in electrical substation as a result of it being targeted byTurkish occupation UAVs.

The injured worker continued his speech by saying: “While we were trying to extinguish the fire, we were targeted by occupation drones. As a result, I was injured by scattered shrapnel in the foot and abdomen, and I was transferred to one of the area hospitals.”

According to the medical personnel supervising the injured worker’s condition, his condition is stable and, within the next few hours, he will undergo surgery to remove one of the shrapnel from his chest.

While lying on the hospital bed, Al-Farho demanded that the Turkish occupation be stopped.

According to the Energy Authority of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, 7 electricity substation in different cities and districts in the Jazira and Euphrates districts were out of service, which led to a power outage for about two million people living in the centers of the cities and districts and more than 800 villages affiliated with them.

Since the night of (12-13), the Turkish occupation state has launched violent attacks against North and East Syria, targeting all vital and service facilities and installations.

T/ Satt.