“We are concerned about  health condition of Leader Ocalan”

At the Kongra Star, the Health Council expressed its concerns about the health status of leader Abdullah Ocalan and described the isolation imposed on him as physical, psychological and mental torture.

“We are concerned about  health condition of Leader Ocalan”
28 May 2024   19:01

At the Kongra Star of North and East Syria, the Health Council issued a statement concerning the severe isolation and disciplinary sanctions imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan in front of his position in the Judy neighbourhood of the city of Qamishlo.

The statement was delivered in Arabic and Kurdish by members of the Health Council of the K.Star Lava Sarhan and Gazal Hamid.

The statement reads as follows:

"On March 25, 2021, there is as yet no information on the health of leader Abdullah Ocalan. We do not know the state of health of leader Abdullah Ocalan. Although the visit of the lawyer and the family of leader Abdullah Ocalan took place, these visits were arbitrarily interrupted. After the arbitrary prohibition of family relations with leader Abdullah Ocalan on 21 May 2024, a six-month ban was imposed on the same arbitrary grounds. According to the agreement between the State and SPT, article 54 states, places where prisoners are kept shall be provided with clean air, lighting and opportunities for walking, sports and movement; under this Convention, isolation is not permitted for a long period of time and the movement of the body may not be restricted for a long period of time. According to article 63 of the contract:

It is essential that prisoners not be denied the right to communicate with their families and lawyers, that social relations not be polarized, and unfortunately, we believe that the Turkish State has not agreed to the terms of this Convention, and that SBT shows no interest in this matter. Each time the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture conducts some routine monitoring and reports to the Turkish State. These communications to Turkey are in no way aimed at suppressing them and neither the family nor the lawyer have been informed. Dozens of applications had been submitted by the family and lawyers, but neither the Turkish court nor the SPT institution, which was supposed to be impartial, had raised any legal cases.

For the past 38 months, neither the family nor the lawyers have been able to obtain clear information about the health and condition of leader Abdullah Ocalan. This raises serious doubts about the health of leader Abdullah Ocalan. Isolation tortures of mind and body. In accordance with international law and human rights, every prisoner has the right to be able to defend himself legally, to hold meetings with his family and lawyers, to conduct medical examinations by doctors and to share the results with the prisoners' lawyers. Unfortunately, however, these laws, which they themselves have drawn up to prevent leader Abdullah Ocalan from benefiting from them, do everything in their power to prevent them from using them and to punish them consistently by isolation, arbitrariness and arrests. This also means that international and humanitarian laws must be followed and not administered in accordance with the interests of the fascist regime. The Health Council of the K.Star of North and East Syria, because of these unfriendly directives, condemns the Turkish State, the Council of Europe and the SPT Foundation as illegal. It is essential that SPT implements the points of the prison agreement immediately and fulfil its duty. Our appeal to all institutions, bodies, lawyers and health workers is to firmly and continuously define their moral, humanitarian and legal positions and to have humane attitudes against the regime and violence in an Imrali prison. To protect the health of leader Abdullah Ocalan to protect the moral and political health of the community."

T/ Satt.